Post Proposal: Things To Do ‘After Saying Yes’ To The Journey Of Forever

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Although it may come as a surprise, it happens from plenty of planning but one thing that sure doesn’t come as a surprise is the reality that hits right after saying or nodding ‘yes’.yes to forever

After repeatedly saying ‘yes’ between big smiles and an excited heart, the constant staring at the ring, and the sheepish smile. Here are a few things to do when reality hits that you’re on the first step of the flight of stairs that leads to forever.

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1. Celebrate and Announce: This is the time to announce to your friends, family, loved ones, haters, and those that have been giving you the side look of “When are you getting married?” at every family occasion. This moment is also special for you and your partner, take time to celebrate and gush about the beautiful ring too.

2. Set a Budget: While the wedding ceremony is for a lot of people, friends, and family, the marriage is between you and your partner, so the next thing to do is to create a budget so you both don’t incur debt that will choke you after the wedding ceremony and spend money on unnecessary frivolities.

3. Make a Guest List: As intriguing as it might be for people to crowd your wedding ceremony. having a guest list makes it easy especially if you’re working with a budget. It would be a disaster to create a budget for 50 people and realize that you have 150 people at the venue.

4. Choose a Wedding Date: While choosing a date there are so many factors to consider, like availability of special people , menstrual cycle, venue, weather and other unnamed factors. Be flexible and always have alternative plans just incase there are unforeseen events.

5. Find a Venue: For those that have plans on having a reception after the wedding, or those that have other location ideas for their wedding ceremony. Start researching and visiting potential wedding venues and checking their availability. Consider factors such as location, capacity, amenities, and cost. Once you find a suitable location, secure your date by signing a contract and paying a deposit.

6. Hire Vendors: No matter how important your dream wedding is to you, you literally cant plan it on your own, but you can hire a planner and explain your ideas to the tiny details to ensure they align with your vision and budget.

7. Plan the Ceremony and Reception: Work on the details of your ceremony and reception. If you have a special reading or music, this is a good time to source for it and fit it into the plans for the ceremony, this can also be a sweet time to start informing those you want to be in your bridal train(if you plan on having).

8.Shopping for Wedding Outfits: It’s never too early to start shopping for wedding outfits but it can be late so pick a day to start shopping for the outfits you’ll use for the wedding ceremony and if you want to sew your wedding outfit you can start looking for a great wedding tailor or seamstress and while doing that, bear in mind that separate days will be created for fittings and any alteration.
9. Send Invitations: Using your already created guest lists, you can start sending out wedding invites including the necessary details. This should not be too close to the wedding date so you can give people ample time to prepare for your wedding.

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