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    10 Tips To Deal With Nigerian Parents During Your Wedding

    Wedding planning has never been easy, it involves a lot of processes to follow and surely comes with stress. During your wedding, you have to deal with the vendors most especially but don’t forget other people that you have to take into consideration to are your family members and it doesn’t get easy as you think if you have Nigerian parents.
    10 Tips To Deal With Nigerian Parents During Your Wedding

    Wedding planning can stir up conflict between marrying couples and their parents, disagreements can turn into a wedge between families. We are well aware that Nigerian parents definitely have a knack for making weddings extra, even though they might believe they are doing what is best for their children but in the end might even end up causing unnecessary drama. Hence we have come up with a few tips to help you deal with your parents at your wedding.
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    Don’t argue over every little thing
    It is important to be on the same level with your parents, avoid anything that will make you get into an argument with your parents on your wedding day. For example, you don’t want a cake for your wedding but your parents insist, instead of getting into a disagreement you can just settle on what you want and what your parents want too.
    Be willing to make compromises
    Always try to compromise with your parents if necessary. Your wedding day is one day that you will have to overlook a lot of things and end up compromising, just so your wedding is drama-free you should be able to compromise.
    Don’t give them total control
    Another way to deal with your parents on your wedding day is not to give them total control. You can keep them in charge of certain things but not everything because giving them full control will allow them to run the wedding just as they think is best for you but in reality, they are doing what they seem fit for themselves and not you.
    Inform them about your rules
    Don’t fail to inform them about the rules you have set for yourself on your wedding day. Although they are your parents but make it clear to them the things you would tolerate and the things you would not tolerate so everyone will be on the same page.
    Set expectations
    It is important to set expectations as early as possible. If you know you won’t be having a church wedding or will be doing things a bit untraditionally, let your parents know as early as possible. Catching them off-guard, or promising them one thing and delivering another can be unfair on them, and it can also set you up for disputes.

    Talk to your parents about their role
    When talking with your parents, be sure to clarify their role in the wedding planning process. Remind them that you are the one getting married and tell them that you will always consider their suggestions. Say no to anything you don’t want, and do remind that you do have the final say.
    Remind them that it is your wedding, not theirs
    You have to remind them that it is your wedding and not theirs, if they continue to push back against you despite all you have done, tell them that you will remember your wedding day as the day that you and your future spouse will join together as husband and wife, and the two of you want to do it in a way that makes the two of you happy so they should cut you some slack.

    Thank them publicly
    Thanking them publicly is another way to deal with your parents during your wedding. Doing this will give them clarity and assurance that you appreciate them for everything and will put their mind at rest.

    Give them a project
    Your parents might be interjecting into your business, find some aspect of planning that you have not yet completed or that you don’t have much stake in and allow them to handle that.
    Ask other family members for help
    Call in the reinforcements, make sure other family members are present at your wedding. For instance, if you know your dad is trying to get you to select a certain caterer that you don’t want for the wedding, you might tell your sister beforehand so that she can tell him it’s your decision and that she likes the food you’ve chosen.

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