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    Tips To Note When Picking A Wedding Venue

    We all know all the excitement that comes with planning a wedding, but at the same time, that excitement comes with a lot of stress. What comes first after accepting to get married is picking a wedding venue, although most people don’t think this is important that is why they end up choosing the wrong wedding venue.
    Tips To Note When Picking A Wedding Venue

    Finding the perfect wedding venue is not always easy, there will be so many options to choose from but before you do there are some tips you have to be aware of before making your choice. Here are tips to note when picking a wedding venue.
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    Talk to a wedding planner first
    Before you start looking for venues for your wedding, it is important to seek the counsel of a wedding planner first. Planners are much more familiar with the capabilities of space, and the layout. As long as they’ve been into wedding planning for a long run then they would definitely have great venue ideas.
    Choose a venue that aligns with what you want
    Seek out venues that fit the aesthetic you have in mind, If you’re planning a modern wedding, look at art galleries, well-designed restaurant spaces, or warehouses. Make sure you choose a venue that aligns with what you want.
    Know your guest list
    Knowing how many guests you’re expecting to invite before you go looking at venues will help save you from headaches. If you choose a venue that is too small for your guest, you might be in a tough situation. Couples often underestimate how many people they will invite or how many their parents will want to add, so have that conversation early to know what you’re really working with.
    Know your budget
    Knowing your budget is very important, you cannot pick a wedding venue without having a specific budget in mind. Make sure when choosing a wedding venue, you choose one that isn’t above your budget.
    Stay true to yourselves
    A lot of couples choose venues based on the style of a wedding they fell in love with online, but it’s important to ask yourselves what feels authentic to you two as a couple and to choose a space and a design that’s a representation of who you are. And remember that, while a venue might have looked gorgeous with a different theme or design scheme, it may not be the perfect place for your wedding.
    Discover your personality as a couple
    Your venue should reflect both you and your partner. Is there a place you both grew up vacationing as children? Do you share a love for city life? If it’s a specific look you’re going for, try to narrow down your non-negotiable items like unique decor, unforgettable location, and date.

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