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    7 Tips When Creating A Budget For A Bridal Shower

    A bridal shower is a fun way to celebrate a bride to be by showering her with gifts, bubbly, and more. However, when it comes to throwing a bridal shower on a budget, it can be difficult not to overspend. From tasty menu selections to trendy décor items, expenses can add up quickly.

    Below is tips when creating a budget for a bridal shower.

    Accommodation: You will need to know where you are hosting the bridal shower. You can host your bridal shower somewhere free. This can be your backyard or you can ask your friend or family.

    Cut the guest list: One of the easiest ways to cut costs is to avoid over-inviting, because the bigger the guest list means the more you’ll have to spend. You aren’t required to invite everyone on the wedding guest list.

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    Hair and Makeup: If you have a friend or family that is great at hair and makeup then don’t be afraid to ask for some help or advice when it comes to creating your look for your bridal shower. You can buy or use your own foundation and makeup products.

    Plan a simple menu: When thinking about your menu, you should avoid a full sit-down meal if you want to throw a bridal shower on a budget. You can instead give out dessert.

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    Avoid fancy favours: Favours are a great way to thank guests for attending the shower, but this doesn’t mean they have to be over the top. You can easily create edible favours that are not only tasty, but affordable.

    Keep the entertainment light: When choosing the entertainment, suggest planning a time during the party to play some highly amusing and affordable bridal shower games. Bridal shower games are a fun and less expensive way to get everyone at the party to bond. These games are also easily played with the help of a few household items


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