Olamma And Emmanuel’s Paint And Sip Proposal Will Absolutely Make Your Day

Proposals are one of our favourites here at brides.ng because we love to see a beautiful relationship blossom into a lifetime and the emotions that feel the room in that very moment. One proposal that absolutely melted our heart is Olamma and Emmanuel’s private paint and sip proposal.

Paint And Sip Proposal Will Absolutely Make Your Day For this one, a lot of detail was involved and Emmanuel went all out to make his princess feel extra special as he asked her to spend forever with him. The day began with a paint and sip event for the couple but something more was coming. They choose a private affair with just the two of them in the room feeling the moment.
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Right after paint and sip he went down on one knee and asked her to spend a lifetime together. We would share the pictures with you and let you enjoy every beautiful moment of this intimate proposal.

Photo Credit: proposalbells