7 Signs You Need To Take a Break from Wedding Planning

Wedding planning can become stressful for a variety of reasons, including the merging of finances, visions, and opinions from family. The hardest part about planning a wedding is staying on top of all of the to do list tasks.

Below is signs you need to take a break from wedding planning.

There’s a lack of excitement: If you’ve gone from feeling excited and inspired to planning the wedding to feeling upset at the thought of discussing it, then you need to take a break.

You’re struggling to compromise on anything: Having multiple elements that you’re not able to compromise or make decisions on is an indication that you both may need to take a minute.

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You and your partner are starting to withdraw from each other: If the planning isn’t fun anymore and you can no longer speak freely about the details of the day with your partner, it can be a sign you need a break.

You aren’t taking care of yourself: You stop to have regular meals, you are exercising too much. You don’t sleep enough or have skin issues, like breakouts. This means you need to take a break.

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You’re fighting more with your partner: If you find yourself picking fights over the smallest things, it can be a sign you need a break.

It’s Not Fun Anymore: When it gets to a point when you’re not enjoying it at all, then it’s time to take a little break.

Procrastinating: The more stressed you get about how much you have to do, the more you’ll want to put it off, and longer the list gets with a deadline approaching and your stress levels climbing. This can be a sign you need a break.


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