10 Tips On What To Wear To Your Bridal Shower

Bridal showers are an important part of bridal planning as brides are ushered out of a chapter of their lives into a new one. The bride-to-be gets together with her girls for this moment whether it was organized by her or by her friends to surprise her. The bride is the centre focus of this event and it is important for her to look absolutely stunning and ravishing.

Choosing an outfit for a bridal shower might be a little difficult as you struggle with how you want to appear while sitting with your girls and this is where your personal style will reflect and when it’s a surprise the girls struggle with what may be defining and fitting for the bride. Today we share with you 10 tips to slay your bridal shower
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  1. Define your style
    What type of bride are you and what is your style? Are you a minimalist bride, a dramatic bride, or a nice blend in between? Whatever your style is there is a dress befitting for it. Once you discover your style you would find a dress and as friends inquire about the bride’s style and find a dress that works for her.
  2. Dress according to the theme of the shower
    Some brides opt for a themed bridal shower like an Ankara theme, colour-themed, beach-themed, etc. In a situation where your shower is themed look for a dress that sticks to the theme. Source for inspiration around the theme to put your look together.
  3. Don’t wear Black
    Black has never been approved as a bridal colour even though a lot of brides are beginning to push the envelope. We do not recommend Black for your shower as it may dampen the mood and aura of the room. If you intend to wear black you could wear a touch of it.
  4. Bright colours, Pastel, Neutrals, Shimmery and White, florals, and other summery prints
    The colours listed above are more than perfect for your shower as they leave you looking astonishing and fabulous. Walk into the room and be the centre of attention owning every moment.
  5. Pick your accessories 
    Once you have selected your dress for the special night you can move on to pick out an accessory for the night. If you are wearing a shimmery or heavily patterned dress tone down the choice of jewellery. Let your accessories complement the look.
  6. Pick out your shoes 
    Shoes are a major part of any outfit so pick out your shoes for the night bearing in mind the type of shoes that work for your look. Also, make sure that your shoes are very comfortable as you intend to have fun and let loose with your girls.
  7. Slay your makeup
    You are going to be taking lots of pictures for the night so get your makeup popping and let your makeup artiste work magic on your face. You could for a neutral flawless face beat with smoky eyes and lots of bronzers adding to that bridal glow.
  8. Keep it classy and tasteful
    While it’s great to feel comfortable enough to flaunt your best assets, an elegant bridal shower is probably not the best occasion to go all out. If you’re planning on wearing a slightly more daring outfit, still ensure you look, classy no one wants a tacky looking bride-to-be.
    9. Pay Attention to Detail
    Detailing is a great way of adding some flair to your overall look. Little details like your hairpiece, your nail colour all sum up the look and add to how glamourous and fab you will be looking.

    10. Have fun and dance the night away
    This is the greatest tip you need to have a fab bridal shower. Your girls have all come together to spend time with you so make plans to have a great night with fun games, great music and amazing conversation.

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