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    Throwback: Inside Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt Lavish Surprise Wedding

    Over two decades after former couple Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s wedding, Michael Rapaport has revealed he earned a coveted spot on the guest list!

    Jennifer Aniston Brad Pitts wedding KOKO Brides Nigeria

    Rapaport revealed a deep love of caviar — a love that seemingly started at Pitt and Aniston’s 2000 ceremony. He revealed this when he asked how he would rate Real Housewives of New York‘s Erin Lichy’s “hostess skills,” given her choice to serve Pringles and caviar at a gathering.

    The actor turned to face the camera directly to say: “Erin, anytime you’re serving caviar, let me know. I don’t know what you guys are talking about.”

    “I was at Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s wedding,” he continued, noting that the one-time “it” couple “had a wall of caviar” at their star-studded ceremony.

    “I still have some saved over,” he added.

    Jennifer Aniston Brad Pitts wedding KOKO Brides Nigeria 1

    Cohen, 55, was dumbfounded at the two-decade-old news.

    “How have you been on this show 87 times and I’ve never talked to you about Aniston and Pitt’s wedding?” he asked Rapaport during the Aug. 13 episode. Rapaport responded: “Well, we dropped it now and I’m still eating the caviar from that, shoveling it down.”

    Rapaport seemingly snagged an invitation to the 200-guest ceremony after working with both Aniston, 54, and Pitt, 59, on separate projects.

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    In 1993, the actor appeared in dark comedy True Romance with Pitt, one of the Moneyball star’s earliest roles.

    Then, the year before Pitt and Aniston were set to tie the knot, Rapaport guest starred in season 5 of Friends, appearing in four episodes including “The One with the Cop” and “The One with the Ride Along.”

    The actor played Gary, a police officer who briefly had a romance with Phoebe.

    jennifer aniston brad pitt wedding details KOKO Brides Nigeria

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