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    10 Tips To Build A Good Relationship With Your Mother-In-Law

    Being a daughter-in-law is no easy position. There isn’t guidance on how to act or how to deal with difficult mothers-in-law. You just tolerate and accept them for them often.

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    Building a good relationship with your mother in law takes time. It does not happen overnight. It could take years to build a strong and solid relationship.

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    Below is 10 tips to build a good relationship with your mother in law.

    Be confident: Sometimes mother-in-laws want to test your confidence and would intimidate you. If you show her that you can stay true to yourself and be proud of who you are, she will be more trusting of you and this will allow you to build a good relationship with her.

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    Get to know her: Take time and get to know her. The time to get to know each other can be helpful in creating a great relationship with her. Ask her about her job, hobbies or passions.

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    Bring gifts: You can never ever go wrong with bringing gifts during any occasion. Whether it is just dinner or just a casual visit. This shows that you are wiling to make the effort and she will appreciate it.

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    Compliment her: Mother in laws love to be compliment. So, when she cooks or organises something be sure to let her know great she is and how much you love it. Complimenting her will make her feel good about herself and she will appreciate it.


    Ask for her advice in life: Doing this will show her how much you respect and value her opinion. This will really make her feel like you appreciate her and that you care about her opinion.

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    Be polite: Whether you like your mother-in-law or not, you need to be polite when you’re around her. This will show that you are respectful and you will build a good relationship with her.

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    Spend time with her: One and one time together would be amazing. You will get to spend time with just alone. It allows the two of you to bond without any distractions. You can plan activities to do together or try out new restaurants.

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    Give her space:  Give her some alone time with her son. Share the attention. He might your partner but that is her son. She will appreciate if you would give them space and you allow her to spend time with him alone.

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    Be understanding: It can often be very hard for mothers to let go of their son them having another woman in their life. It’s an adjustment for them. Try and be understanding and put yourself in her position for a moment.

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    Be inclusive: You should always remember to include her in special moments. Include her in family activities, holidays and outings .She would appreciate this.

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