8 Ways Social Media Can Help Couples Lives

Social media is one of the most powerful tools ever created as it has transformed the world into a new phase, created new bonds and jobs, and has played a great role in defining what the world has become today. Despite the huge success and progress that social media has given many people still have doubts about it especially when it comes to relationships.

Many blame social media for the failure of a relationship but it is important to know that social media has the power to improve relationships, help couples enjoy their relationship, and also introduce a spark into their lives.
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Today we share the positive impact and role of social media on relationships and in the lives of couples.
1. Keeps you connected to your partner.
Social media is an easy way for couples to interact throughout the day from sending messages to each other via their pages on social media, teasing each other on the app, sending each other photos, memes, etc.  Social media serve marriages, relationships best when they are used to maintain a healthy connection between spouses

2. Learn from relationship experts and stories 

There are several relationship pages on social media that address topics and conversations revolving around love, dating, etc. Couples can contribute to these topics, conversations and also learn from these nuggets. There is a lot of good information on social media from relationship bloggers, psychotherapists, and many others that highlight how to improve your relationship.

3. It defines the relationship
Social media helps couples define their relationship and where they stand as the two fully come out to commit to each other. Sharing a picture of you together can make a statement that you’re serious about this one.

4. It builds intimacy
Celebrating your relationship milestones helps build your intimacy and helps improve your relationship. Share information and milestones as a couple can add to that shared experience. Social media, when used appropriately, can actually add intensity and immediacy to face-to-face relationships.

5. It creates a support group
Watching the moments, growth, and experiences of other couples reminds you that you are both a unit, and come what your relationship will grow, thrive, and evolve. Couples need other couples, and social media can be an effective tool for networking, discovering common interests with friends, setting up fellowship groups, organizing events, and coordinating get-togethers.

6. It boosts accountability
Social media reminds you of the need to do and act right by your spouse or partner. You are both monitored and you wouldn’t want to tarnish their image and reputation. Stay faithful to their spouses and true to their marriage.

7. It encourages intimacy and understanding
Beyond the face-to-face communication you enjoy in your relationship there is a means of communicating with your partner online and it unfolds a new layer of understanding and intimacy. Publicly praise your spouse when he or she does something nice or achieves a goal that deserves attention.

8. It teaches couples to appreciate each other
Couples learn to value, appreciate their partner in their relationships seeing how other spouses are treated, the sacrifices their partners make for them, and how love is being valued in modern times.

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