7 Tips To Choosing A Childbirth Delivery Option

Planning your baby’s birth is important. You have the right to choose where you give birth. You can choose to give birth in a hospital, in a birth centre, or at home.

A  healthcare professional may say you ‘need’ or ‘have’ to give birth in a hospital. However, no-one can make you give birth somewhere you do not want to.

Below is 7  tips to choosing a birthing delivery option.

The decision is left open: You should be able to make the decision yourselves and if your happy with you decision then know that you can change your mind anytime you want.

You can choose where to give birth when you feel ready:  Don’t feel like you need to choose right away. Make the decision when you want to and when you feel completely ready in making it.

Health: Your safety and the child safety is very important so ensure that your health is great and that you do not have a high risk pregnancy and birth could run smoothly anywhere you choose.

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Speak to a healthcare: Speak to a healthcare professional about your choices and what they think about that.

You can change your choice at any time: When you make a decision; know that you can change your mind anytime you want. You do not have to follow through just because you already made that decision.

Support: Birth partners can help a woman feel supported in labour and make the experience more positive. Whether it’s your partner, daughter or friend a support system can make you feel at ease.

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Research: Do your research and find out the benefits and negatives to all birthing options. Highlight the benefits and make your decision from there.


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