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    10 Reasons Why You Should Consider A Long Term Relationship

    Long-term relationships is a relationship that last anywhere from two to three years, with couples breaking up around this time. People in long-term relationships often go through crises together but you’ll learn that your partner will be there for you every step of the way.

    Long-term relationships reduces isolation, which lowers the risk of depression. So even if your significant other gets on your nerves, you will have someone to guide and talk to you. Long-term relationships involve effort and compromise.

    Below are 10 reasons why you should consider a long term relationship.

    New Experiences: You will learn new things, whether that’s learning new foods, new skills or whether that’s something that will benefit you. Also experience things you would’ve never though about doing. Let’s you be adventurous and explore more with your partner.

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    Travelling: Having a travelling buddy is the best way to travel across the the world. You would no longer have any excuse of being scared to spend time alone or getting lost in a foreign country.

    Your boyfriend or girlfriend will likely become an important travel companion throughout your relationship.

    Mental health: Having a long-term partner means being known well by someone regularly in close contact who can recognise signs and symptoms that need to be treated and be aware of triggers. You will have their support and won’t be on your own.  It’s easier to manage a condition with someone else.

    Dealing with mental health while in relationship allows you to have a lower rate of anxiety and depression, higher self-esteem, greater empathy, and more trusting and cooperative relationships.

    Chores Become Fun: Simple daily tasks can sometimes be the highlight of your day when you get to complete them with your partner. Grocery shopping becomes fun, putting groceries away would be fun and even doing laundry becomes fun.

    Cures Loneliness: If you ever feel lonely and have no one to share things with then being in a long term-relationship is what you should consider. You will get to share your life with your soul mate and be supported in every step of the way.

    Reduces Stress: Both of you will have share responsibilities, and having each other will take the edge off during hectic times. Being in a long-term relationship allows you both to share what’s bothering you and have that reassure that everything will be ok.

    Getting taken care off: If your struggling financially you will always will have someone that you can count on. There will always be someone working in the relationship. You won’t have any worries and can always rely on each other.

    Pro at communication: You have someone who knows you better than anyone else, is ready to listen to your fears, concerns, plans and problems and can be the person for whatever it is you want to discuss. You will be able to open up more freely.

    Being able to communicate has tons of benefits, from high self-esteem and renewed energy to a rush of mood-boosting , but there are other benefits to look forward to as your relationship progresses too.

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    More Affection: Small forms of affection can make you feel good every day. Getting a hug when you’ve had a bad day, starting and ending your day with a kiss,  hug of support, back rubs and all the other little gestures.

    You will always have someone to hang out with, laugh with and be yourself around, no matter how you’re feeling.

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    Being Yourself: You can be yourself at all times, to be good and to be not so good, and to have someone every step of the way encourage you, laugh with you, reassure you, challenge you. You help recognise each other’s flaws and push each another to become a better person.

    You have someone who reminds you every day how much they love every part of you. Being able to fully trust someone is so important when trying to figure out your life.

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