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    10 Texting Etiquette In Dating For Better Communication

    When you start dating someone new, having good texting etiquette can help you communicate even better without sounding too over-eager.

    Here are some texting etiquette in dating:

    1. Check in at least once a day

    If you are in a new relationship, it is okay if you are not always texting each other back and forth.

    Wish your partner a good day right as they wake up or chime in later to ask how they’re doing. That way, your partner knows that you’re thinking about them and that you care about what’s going on in their life.

    2. Respond to each message you receive

    When you leave someone on read, it might feel like you’re trying to play games with their head. Rather than leave the message hanging, shoot them a quick text to continue the conversation or let them know that you got their message.

    • If the message doesn’t require a thought-out response, you can always react to it. For example, if your partner messages you that they’ll be a few minutes late, you can just send a thumbs up.

    3. Wait for a reply before texting again

    Sending too many texts in a row could seem overwhelming to read. If your partner doesn’t message you back right away, don’t text them in a panic since they might be busy or not have their phone.

    Rather than stressing or double-texting, try finding a way to distract yourself while you wait so you don’t check your phone.

    If your partner got caught up, there’s a chance they missed your message. After about some hours, you can try sending a gentle reminder or ping them again.

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    4. Take turns messaging first

    Take the pressure off of one person to always start a conversation. If you normally wait around for a message, take the initiative and reach out first. Try to equally balance who sends the first text, or else it might feel like one person is putting in more effort than the other.

    5. Send messages longer than 1 word

    You’ll have deeper conversations when you open up more. Just saying “hey” or “hi” doesn’t give your partner a lot to reply to. Try asking your partner questions to get them to send a longer response.

    Try to match the length of your partner’s responses so you can keep chatting without any lulls in the conversation.

    6. Keep a light and casual tone

    Texting your partner should feel exciting and make you smile, so stay away from talking about anything serious. Instead, try asking some fun open-ended questions to help you learn more about your partner. That way, you can grow closer and avoid any drama.

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    7. Use emojis

    Emojis clue your partner into how you are feeling. It can be pretty hard to read emotions from a text message, so it’s really important to make it clear. Look for an emoji that matches the tone of your message so your partner doesn’t get confused by what you’re trying to say.

    Add emojis in addition to your message rather than using them to replace full words. Otherwise, your text might be a little confusing to read.

    8. Use good spelling and grammar

    Too many abbreviations could be confusing to read. Try to avoid cutting out random letters or replacing words with numbers or emojis. Take your time to type out the full words so your message is clear.

    9. Make plans to meet up

    You can build a stronger connection by spending time in person. Even though texting is a good way to stay in touch, you will feel a deeper bond when you’re with your partner.

    Ask when they are available to get together or go on a date so you can keep feeling out your relationship. If you are not able to get together in person, at least try to make time for a phone call or video chat so you can hear each other’s voices.

    10. Talk to your partner about how often you want to text

    Let your partner know what you need to feel fulfilled. Some people like to text less frequently than other people, and they might get overwhelmed if they need to carry a conversation.

    Talk with your partner about your expectations for messaging and replying. Try to come to a compromise that works well for both of you.

    Expectations might change over time as your relationship grows. For example, you may text less and less to save conversation topics for when you see each other later that day.

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