“Now That We Are Married, I No Longer Get Jealous”- Chrissy Teigen Speaks On Her Marriage To John Legend

Chrissy Teigen 3Chrissy Teigen has gone exclusive with the little details of her after wedding lifestyle as she admits that she had something with John legend on their first date

Chrissy Teigen, speaking frankly on the Watch What Happens Live show with Andy Cohen, has mentioned how her first date night with John legend went. Still speaking on the show, she also mentioned that the night of his EGOT achievement, they had the barest romantic show. The super sexy celebrity also mentioned that she got jealous at the initial stage of their relationship. Chrissy Teigen 2She said; “All of the guys around him were all pumping up this girl that was one of the lead video girls, and they were like “she’s so beautiful! Chrissy look, isn’t she beautiful, and I was just being a little shit-head, Honestly I was young, I was like 21, I was a brat, I was jealous, that’s it.”. She later confirmed that she wasn’t half as jealous as she used to be now that they were married. Chrissy Teigen 1
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