How To Give Compliment To Your Guy And Make Him Feel Like A King

Compliments are great ways to show your appreciation for your man.

Half-hearted compliments usually don’t send the message well. Just be sure you give the right compliment in the right way, so you don’t send the wrong message.

Here are ways to compliment your guy:

Compliments are not things to be exchanged for favours, used to flatter people we need to like us, or given out for no reason. Compliments are only meaningful when the person giving the compliment truly believes in them. Giving a fake compliment is a white lie at best and, at worst, can be seriously harmful, so don’t do it.

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Most of the time, gracious compliments will be greatly appreciated. However, it’s not always appropriate to give compliments — doing so at inopportune times can be slightly embarrassing at best.

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Smile at him

Nothing spells sincerity like a smile! For some guys, the simple pleasure of seeing your smile can be a compliment in itself! Even if you have no romantic intentions and you’re just happy for your guy friend, a natural, warm smile will make your compliment much more meaningful than one given with a deadpan or gloomy expression.

Smiles are simple means to validate someone; When you smile at someone you help to let them know things are okay.

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When it comes to giving compliments, short is always sweet! Don’t ramble on about how nice the guy you’re complimenting is, how great his hair is, and so on. Focus on one action or aspect of the guy that you find nice, make your compliment, then carry on as normal.

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