Best Romantic Hausa Names To Call Your Mai Gida

If you are in love with an Hausa man or woman, this is for you! Falling in love is a beautiful thing. Waking up every morning with the knowledge that there is someone out there who loves you unconditionally is the best way to start your day.

And the beauty of love is that it knows no boundary. Regardless of your ethnicity, you can always fall in love. So, if your Lover is from the Hausa tribe and you want to make them feel special, here are some really romantic Hausa names to call your Lover.

1. Mai Gida 

Mai Gida means “the head of the house.” And it’s one of the most heart-soothing names to call your Hausa lover. It shows that you place your man in high esteem and consider him the head of your home. Humility and loyalty are one of the most important traits an average Hausa man looks for in his woman.

2. Yerima na

Yerima na means “my prince.” It’s a way of telling your Hausa lover that he’s a precious jewel. That you value him so much.

3. Kambi na

Kambi Na is one of the most endearing romantic Hausa names to call your Lover. If you call him “Kambi na,” it means ‘my crown’.

4. Murna

Murna means “Joy.” The name is unisex, and you can use it for both men and women. Calling your bae Murna means that they bring an aura of joy whenever they are. And, of course, it will gladden your Lover’s heart to know that their presence brings you joy.

5. Kyau Daya 

Kyau Daya means ‘beautiful one ‘; it’s one of the most romantic Hausa names to call your Lover.

6. Zuciyata

Zuciyata means ‘my heart. Whenever you call your hausa lover ‘Zuciyata,’ you are literally telling them that they are the most important part of everything. Just like your heart, they are the engine room of your joy. Their existence and being in your life give you a million reasons to be happy.

7. Sauran rabi na


‘Sauran rabi na’ means ‘my other half.’ This pet name will make your hausa lover feel so important and regarded. It’s like telling them that your life is incomplete without them.

8. Gimbiyata

‘Gimbiyata’ is another amazing pet name to call your hausa lover. She will feel so special and loved whenever you call her this name. ‘Gimbiyata’ actually means ‘my princess.”

9. Mai Raina


Mai Raina means the ‘owner of my life. It’s one of the most mind-blowing and romantic pet names to call your hausa lover.

10. Masoyina

‘Masoyina’ means “my love.” It’s a way of flirting with your Hausa lover every now and then. Of course, it’s a unisex pet name.

11. Wanda nake so

‘Wanda nake so’ means “the one I cherish.” It means that you hold them so dearly and care about them deeply.

12. Abar so na

‘Abar so na’ means ‘Sweetie.’ It’s a way of letting your Hausa lover know that she’s exceptionally unique.

13. Masoyi daya

Masoyi daya means beloved one. It’s one of the best romantic Hausa names to call your Lover.

14. Daya da Kadai

Daya da Kadai means ‘one and only. It’s a way of reassuring your Hausa lover that there’s no other person besides her. That she is the only woman whose smiles give you every reason to be happy.

15. Farin ciki na

“Farin ciki na” means “my happiness.” Calling your lover “Farin ciki na” means she is your source of happiness. That is, whenever you are around her, you have no other option but to be happy.

16. Arzikina

‘Arzikina’ means my wealth. It literally means that she is the best part of everything you got.

17. Abokiyar Raina 

‘Abokiyar Raina’ means my soulmate. You are telling her that God created her specifically for you.

18. Sarauniya ta

Sarauniya ta means my queen. It shows that you honour and admire her. That you see her as a significant part of your existence.

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