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10 Exercises For Pregnant Women To Stay Active | KOKO Brides New 10 Exercises For Pregnant Women To Stay Active
Thursday, June 20, 2024

    10 Exercises For Pregnant Women To Stay Active

    Pregnancy is such an exciting journey and a whole new world for moms as their lives are forever changed welcoming their family’s newest addition. While women struggle with the changes in their life as they go along it is important for them to live an active life that helps their baby stay active.

    10 Exercises For Pregnant Women To Stay ActiveExercise is an essential part of your daily life and for pregnant women, it is even more important to ensure flexibility and also aid your labour and delivery process. Doctors, midwives, and medical practitioners advise women to work out and have shared workout routines that are perfect for pregnant women.
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      1. Walking
        This is the most common exercise for pregnant women as it requires them to cover a number of miles at a certain pace. It’s a workout you can continue right up until your delivery date and you do not need a gym partner to motivate you to take on this process.
      2. Running
        This is a great choice for pregnant women but it is also important to be careful while choosing to run in pregnancy. You are not going to choose a 100-meter sprint pace but a healthy choice that allows your legs to move and also levels your breathing.
      3. Dancing
        Get yourself a great music player, create an awesome playlist, and dance away keeping yourself really active. You know the famous baby mama dance embraces it and bump to the rhythm of the beat.
      4. Swimming
        Go a number of laps in the pool at a steady pace and move your body ensuring that your muscles are active. This exercise also allows you to stay cool and is easy to breeze through.
      5. Yoga
        Develop your mind, body, and spirit as you prepare your family’s newest addition. It encourages relaxation, flexibility, focus, and deep breathing. Look for a class specifically tailored to pregnant women, or ask your regular yoga instructor to modify the poses so they’re safe for you (that usually means avoiding deep backbends as well as full inversions like handstands and headstands because of potential blood pressure issues). Avoid Bikram (hot) yoga, since you need to pass on exercises that heat you up too much.
      6. Cycling
        This is also a great workout for pregnancy and is also tricky as it is important to be safe all through. Pedal at your own pace without the risk of falling or putting pressure on your ankle and knee joints. Make sure your instructor knows you’re expecting, and sit out sprints if you feel overheated or exhausted at any point. Adjust the handlebars so you’re more upright and not leaning forward to avoid adding pressure on your lower back.
      7. Stair mill
        Climbing the stairs is quite difficult and challenging but it is a great way to be active and work out in pregnancy. Make sure you stay upright and don’t lean on the handles. Use your legs to step up and down, and keep your eyes forward while engaging your core.
      8. Pilates
        Pilates routine focuses mainly on strengthening your core and lengthening your muscles with low- to no-impact, which will help ease backaches and improve your posture as well as your flexibility. Look for a class tailored specifically to pregnant women or let your instructor know you’re expecting to avoid moves that overstretch or otherwise aren’t compatible with pregnancy.
      9. Jumping Lunge
        This explosive move strengthens your legs and will leave even the fittest among us sweaty and out of breath.
      10. SquatsThe first trimester is also an ideal time to get squatting! If you have access to the gym, you can also use the leg press machine. Bodyweight squats can be done throughout your entire pregnancy. Squats strengthen all the muscles in your lower body including the quads, glutes, and hamstrings.

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