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    10 Reasons Why You Should Live With Your Partner Before Marriage

    Marriage is a life-long commitment one that requires deep thinking and proper analysis before choosing to sign the dotted lines and starting forever with your partner. Many express deep concerns about getting married because they are not sure what to expect on the other side and they are scared of losing spark with their partner.  In recent times many are embracing Cohabitation, living with their partner before marriage.

    10 Reasons Why You Should Live With Your Partner Before Marriage

    In certain cultures, religions this is considered taboo to live with your partner before tying the knot but we cannot deny that there are a number of reasons and benefits of living with your partner before marriage. Today we share a number of reasons why co-habitation is essential in a relationship.
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    1. Build a deeper connection
      Living with someone helps you build a deeper connection with them as you bond spending quality time together. Physical and emotional intimacy are deepened as you spend quality time with your partner. It could genuinely deepen and enrich your relationship for the better.
    2. Learn real-life lessons that guide marriage
      Marriage comes with certain life lessons and you get a hint of what these lessons are from co-habitation. You develop a better habit of walking through issues, better communication, conflict resolution, etc. Many learn these lessons during a marriage but co-habitation serves as a great opportunity to learn this.
    3. Reduces Expenses
      Partners living apart tend to spend more with rent, feeding, daily expenses, etc but when you move in together you save money as you pay just one rent, your feeding is properly calculated and you can plan your spending, expenses properly.
    4. Puts your relationship to a test
      Nothing tests a relationship like cohabitation and living with your partner before marriage. Your relationship is faced with real-life situations and you are expected to present a united front as a couple to walk through them.
    5. Reduces the pressure of marriage

       Living together before getting married can ease some of the stresses of getting married. Getting married is a demanding one and puts couples under great pressure. One of the benefits of moving in together prior to getting married is you can save yourself some time.

    6. It Shows Commitment
      When a partner proposes that you move in together this is a sign that they are ready to commit to something deeper than marriage. They are beginning to picture their future with you and they are ready for the next level of the relationship. This could be marriage or a long-term partnership.

    7. It encourages teamwork
      Teamwork makes the dream work are the words of John Maxwell, an American Clergyman. This phrase is true for couples as spending time together, living together helps you see yourself as one unit and you walk around your goals, visions with this mindset.
    8. Shows couples what married life looks like
      Living together and seeing one another’s ups and downs helps you see the real picture, rather than an illusion. Marriage isn’t a bed of roses and living together shows you what real couple life looks like.
    9. Reveals your partner’s true nature to you
      You can hide so much from a person if you aren’t living together. You might find out that those cute little habits he has aren’t that cute, or that his idea of how a house should be run doesn’t work with yours. You can work on correcting them before signing the dotted lines.

    10. Helps you share responsibilities
      Responsibilities around running your homes like cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc are shared amongst the both of you without one person feeling overwhelmed with responsibilities and you both getting a hang of what it looks like working together.

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