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    14 Tips For Couples To Have A Better Sex Life And Strengthen Their Bond

    To help strengthen the bond between you and your partner, an active sex life is important.


    An active sex life is also important for your physical, mental, and emotional health.

    The unfortunate thing is that stress, aging, or mismatched sex drives can get in the way.

    Fortunately, there are all kinds of things you can do to increase libido, make sex more pleasurable, and reconnect physically with your partner, and here are some of them below:

    1. Communicate with your partner

    You and your partner need to be honest about your sexual wants and needs. In order to have sex that is both pleasurable and satisfying for you both, it is necessary to be honest with one another about what you want and any worries you may have.

    2. Schedule time for intimacy

    Make sexual intimacy a priority and set aside time for it during the week.

    It can be difficult to have a satisfying and active sex life amidst busy schedules. If you and your partner have been missing each other, take some time to sit down together and plan out when you’ll make time for intimacy.

    • Of course, being spontaneous is also a great move that can definitely spice up your intimate life. If you and your beloved have some sudden alone time together, surprise them with some more intimate activities.

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    3. Reevaluate how you think about sex

    Let go of ideas about what intimacy is supposed to look like. For some, feelings of insecurity, worries about their ability to satisfy their partners, and low self-esteem can affect their sex drive.

    • Sex is different for every person. Different persons find different things to be pleasurable, so there is absolutely no reason to be ashamed about your own preferences and style.
    • If you’re feeling insecure or dealing with anxiety of sexual performance, do your best to open up to your partner and confide in them. This will also help establish trust in your relationship.

    4. Relax

    Relax your body and mind before intimacy to help you get ready for it.

    Throw on some relaxing and soft music, or do some breathing exercises to ease your mind and get rid of any worries you might have.

    5. Make time for foreplay

    Take your time being intimate together. As great as sex can be, it is not always a race to the finish line.

    Slowing down every now and then can make your experience that much more intense and enjoyable. Foreplay can also help you and your partner relax and set a more intimate atmosphere which makes it more pleasurable.

    • To spice things up, start your foreplay way before you even set your feet in the bedroom. Exchange intimate touches throughout the day.

    6. Be physically affectionate

    To deepen your connection, cuddle and kiss each other. Taking care to be extra affectionate with your partner can make you feel a deeper physical and emotional connection.

    7. Try different positions

    Experiement with your partner to find positions that feel good for both of you. Your sexual experience can be different each and every time depending on the positions you and your partner try.

    Certain positions will stimulate different areas of your body, so try multiple positions to see which feels best for you both.

    8. Practice touching

    Tell your partner on how you want to be touched. Giving them a demonstration can also really set the mood for more intimate activities. In return, ask your partner what they like and do your best to honour their requests.

    9. Engage in some of your sexual fantasies

    Before you and your partner get down to having sex, take some time to talk about your fantasies. Talk about things like your personal kinks or role-play situations you’ve fantasized about.

    As long as you and your partner remain respectful and understanding of one another, don’t be afraid to be open and honest about your desires.

    10. Change locations

    Try a different room in the house or even get away on a trip. You would be amazed at what just a small change in location can do for adding some excitement to your intimate life.

    Instead of confining yourself to the bedroom, move to the kitchen, living room, or home office to spice things up. Or, you can plan a romantic getaway and go somewhere completely new.

    • If you are staying at home, shut off your computers and cell phones, turn off the TV, and make it a point to connect with your partner.

    11. Stay physically fit

    Exercise to improve your stamina. If you find yourself getting easily winded in bed, it might be a sign to make out some time for a good workout during the week.

    Exercise can give you a boost of energy and also make you feel more confident in your body and performance. In addition, physical activity can increase arousal in women and prevent erectile dysfunction in men.

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    12. Practice mindfulness

    Being mindful helps you focus on staying in the moment. Sex might not be as enjoyable as it can be if you’re feeling worried or stressed about other things going on in your life.

    Going through the motions of sex is one thing, but actually being present to enjoy that moment makes it all the more pleasurable and intimate.

    13. Take care of yourself

    Eat healthy, get enough sleep, and manage your stress. If you are not feeling your best, it is much more likely that you won’t be in the mood for sex or won’t enjoy it as much as you could.

    Make sure you are taking care of yourself and your well-being. Along with maintaining your physical health, also look after your mental health by finding ways to relax and reduce the stress that comes and goes with everyday life.

    14. Talk to your doctor

    Consult with your doctor about potential health issues. Unfortunately, a dip in your sex life or libido may be caused by certain medical conditions or medications you may be currently taking.

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