10 Great Wedding Return Gifts Ideas for Your Beloved Guests

Your wedding can be one of the biggest experiences in your life. And it’s only natural that you’d want to remember it. You want to be surrounded by people dear to you, and you want them to remember sharing your most special moment, too. That’s what wedding return gifts are for!

When someone attends your wedding, you can give them a gift in return that shows them that you truly value their attendance on your special day. You can give them something special in return, that hold meaning and can serve as a reminder of this special day for them.

You don’t have to break the bank for this wedding return gift, as it is usually meant to be something symbolic and sweet. You can pick something decorative, practical or aesthetically pleasing.

Here are some gift ideas for your wedding guests:

1. A Heartfelt Note

Nothing is more impactful than earnest words expressed by someone.

Your wedding return gifts are not meant to be expensive. They can be impactful, heartfelt, personalized notes you write for your wedding guests.

If you have too many guests and it isn’t easy to write personalized notes, you can have a single message that you get printed for your guests in a beautiful font and print.

2. Eatables

Instead of giving wedding return gifts that take up space and the guests may find it difficult to keep with them, consider giving them an assortment of eatables.

You can get an assortment of eatables that your guests might enjoy. Try to include items, like chocolates, that are not highly perishable. Your guests might not be able to consume these immediately, so pick safer options.

3. Timepieces

They’ll remember you whenever they use it and thank you for giving it. Staying punctual and fulfilling commitments on time is important to everyone, making clocks, watches or any thoughtfully handpicked timepiece a great gift.

If you want to personalize these wedding favors, consider engraving your spouse’s initials or wedding date on the clocks. It can convey that you are thankful for the valuable time they gave to grace the most important occasion of your life.

4. Scented candles

Scented candles can lift your guests’ mood once they return home and light these up. They can also be personalized by using labels with the bride and groom’s initials.

5. Succulents

A plant they can cherish and grow is something you’d want to consider. Taking care of a plant, aside from being a cute way to have your wedding remembered, is a therapeutic activity. Plus, succulents make for great home decorations.

6. Themed Lip Balms

Nobody likes chapped lips. Thank your guests for joining you on your special day and that you care about the health of their lips by giving them personalized lip balms as wedding return gifts.

Choose a flavor similar to the dessert served at your wedding so they’ll remember the fun moments you shared on your special day each time they swipe the balm.

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7. Journals

There’ll always be something you’ll need a journal or a notebook for. Instead of giving a simple notebook as one of the wedding return gifts, make sure it still has a tiny touch of your wedding to it.

Choose one in the colour of your wedding theme. You can even print the pages with a monogram of you and your spouse’s initials as a unique reminder of your wedding.

8. Utility Bags Or Pouches

Utility bags, handy pouches or traveling kits are a staple for those who are always living out of a suitcase, for work or leisure and even for those who don’t travel too often but can surely utilize bags and kits.

9. Coasters

Give your beverage-loving guests something they’ll absolutely love and use for a long time. It is a utility-based item that you can personalize for your wedding guests.

A coaster will serve as a wise gift for resting the drinks upon and protecting the surface of their table from stains. Also, it can make for a great collectible item. Make sure you consider picking up beautiful ones that exude your tasteful aesthetic sense.

10. Mugs

The key to making a mug, to be a disappointment is by picking a classic design. Steer clear of the cheesy and go for a clean look.

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