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    10 Things Side Chicks Do Better Than The Main Chick

    A side chick is the mistress, the other woman, the one who never comes home, the hidden one that no one knows. The main chick is your known spouse, the love of your life and the woman of the house

    A main chick has higher expectations for her man. A side chick often doesn’t have expectations and even if she does it is usually not a big deal.

    Below is 10 things side chicks do better than the main chick.

    Less stress: You don’t have to be bothered with someone else’s stress or problems because she already has someone else to talk to that about.

    No break-up: There is no awkward ending, no over dramatic ending, just something that can end at anytime with no strings attached.

    Multitask better: Side chicks know how to multitask better than a main chick. They will always ensure they have time to meet you even if they’re super busy. They always try and fit you in their schedule.

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    Be undercover: Side chicks are very good at not being seen during the daytime and they often are good not mixing with your friends and having a different life away from you.

    Not leaving evidence: Side chicks are good at not leaving anything in the car, no lipstick marks, no perfumes, not even a strand of hair. If they leave something, they’ll sure let you know as soon as possible.

    Keep things interesting: A side chick always keeps things fun and exciting. They do whatever to keep things exciting.

    Always look their best: Side chicks always keep up with the latest fashion and look their best always. You will always see them looking their best.

    No drama: Side chicks do not start up fights or get angry because you forgot their birthday. They are often humble and know where they stand.

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    Plan a getaway: A side chick will be better at planning and will research whether your hotel has a pool and compare flight prices to secure the best deal months in advance. They will do all the planning themselves without having to annoy you.

    Know where the they stand: Side chicks know where they stand and often do no need reassurance about anything. A main chick would often need reassurances every single time and that can be very annoying.


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