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    15 Beautiful Natural Bridal Makeup

    There is always two different brides. Those that want to go full glam on their wedding day, and those that are after a more natural, effortless wedding makeup look. A natural wedding makeup look may seem effortless, but it is comfortable and takes a lot pulling off the perfect natural look.

    Natural wedding makeup is all about being subtle, so very thin makeup product including, eyeliner, or a lip colour.

    Below are 15 natural bridal makeup looks.

    Amber Glow: Warm-toned natural makeup look leaves your skin glowing, which is achieved by layering a highlight under your foundation. Finding the perfect shade of nude lipstick to match your skin tone to achieve this gorgeous natural makeup look.

    Nude Lips and Fluffy Lashes: This look is simply beautiful and natural. Fluffy false lashes attention to the eyes, while the lips are outlined with a perfect nude shade.

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    Natural contour: Snatched cheek bones and the reddish pink tone in blush contrasts with the nice undertones in contour to bring life back into your face.

    Soft and Defined: Winged liner on a bride takes her look up, by keeping the rest of her face luminous and minimal. This look is not harsh or heavy.

    Fresh and Natural: No fancy contouring or complicated eyeshadow. Just a bare natural face and beauty is just the most perfect look for your wedding. You’ll feel like the best version of yourself when you walk down that aisle. 

    Smokey Natural: Soft and Smokey eyeshadow. Everything else looking minimal with minimal foundation and natural lips.

    Bronzy Glow: A bronzy complexion, a soft Smokey eye, and a nude lip. This is a perfect bridal look with neutral tones and products with a natural, skin-like finish.

    Natural glam: This a gorgeous bridal makeup look with a full, fluffy brow. This is paired with a nice set of false lashes. Blush in the perfect pinch-me shade of pink and a mauve lip complete the look.

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    Sweet and Sculpted glow: Sharp, chiselled cheekbones is just the perfect natural look for you wedding. Minimal foundation completing the look.

    Peachy pink: A punchy shade of pink which match any skin tone perfectly. Makeup being fairly light, with small foundation, natural brows, and no liner or false lashes.

    Pink Natural: Soft and simple face makeup with flushed cheeks, and pinkish nude lip.

    Soft look: Subtle liner with a perfectly and nice pout, and the rest of the looking being soft and subtle is just the perfect makeup look.

    Natural bright look: Pink eyeshadow, rouge cheeks, and bright pink lips add to the overall look and is just perfect for a bride to be.

    Light look: This is just the perfect natural look with lightly filled-in brows to the flushed cheeks and the glossy nude lips.

    Subtle look: The defined eyes is balanced by the glossy nude lip colour which is just the perfect bridal look.

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