10 Reasons Why You Should Break Up With Your Partner

When you think of a relationship ending, you probably think it is because of cheating, or two people fall out of love. Although that can happen, there are also plenty of reasons to break up with someone.

Relationships aren’t always rainbow and sunshine. They can be very challenging, it can often be so awful that you begin to wonder when to break up.

Below is 10 reasons why you should break up with your partner.

You’re Experiencing Violence: Violence is never ok and is not part in of a relationship. You may find yourself ignoring you partner violent behaviours or even telling yourself you deserve the way they treat you. However, violence never resolve anything and you should break up with your partner.

Lack of Long-Term Potential: Your relationship may be fun, but there is a not potential of long-term. If you and your partner’s long-term goals are different, it is only right to break up.

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Your Relationship Just Doesn’t Feel Right: You have a gut feeling that something is off, or you always feel unhappy. This is a sign to break up with your partner.

You’re Interested in Someone Else: If you fall for someone else, you should be fair and end your relationship before starting a new one. It’s unfair to your partner to be serious in your relationship if you can’t get someone else off your mind.

One of You Has Cheated: The aftermath of cheating can be a very depressing and be a difficult time. It is completely reasonable to breakup after being cheated on or cheating on your partner.

There’s no trust or respect: If your relationship lacks trust, respect, and stability it means it is going nowhere. If you can’t trust your partner in anything they do or say. You should break up with them.

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You have a controlling partner: If your partner controls you all the time, about what you wear or where you are going it is time to break up. If you feel suffocated in a relationship and if the negatives overshadow the positives, it’s time to move on.

Your life is on hold because of their choices: If you are not able to pursue your passions, spend time with your partner, you should consider break up.

You’re not the version of yourself you like best If your partner is not having a positive influence on you then it is best to break up.

You feel stuck in the relationship: If you are constantly sad around your partner, or if you feel alone even when you are together, this means that you should break up.


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