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    5 Top Habits Destroying Intimacy In Marriages

    Lovemaking is very important in marriages, it helps to connect back the love feelings you have for your spouse especially when there is a little complication in your marriage.

    Here are the four habits that kill lovemaking in marriages.

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    Bad hygiene

    Lack of good hygiene can kill the urge of lovemaking in your marriage, always keep yourself clean both in and out, look good, and smell nice.

    Cheating: Cheating is one of the bad habits that mostly kill lovemaking in every marriage. Avoid anything that will make you cheat on your spouse.

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    Lovemaking is one of the things that bonds you and your spouse together, so another person shouldn’t be allowed to come in.

    Once you start cheating on your spouse, you will immediately start losing interest in making love with him or her.

    Sleeping with your spouse and your children in one room.
    Try as much as you can, to provide a separate room for your children, you and your spouse need privacy for lovemaking.

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    To sleep with your spouse and your children in one room is a total turn-off for u both, and if you both continue like that, it will kill the urge of lovemaking in your marriage.

    SexAlways occupied with work and too many excuses.
    We understand you might be very busy due to the nature of your job, but try as much as possible to make out time for your spouse and stop giving excuses.

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    Sometimes you need to take a day off, have a good rest and do a small exercise with your spouse. This will help to make both of you stronger during lovemaking.

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