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    5 Basic Hygienic Practices To Follow After Sexual Intercourse

    After sexual intercourse, there are certain basic post-sex hygienic practices that can help promote wellbeing sexual health KOKO Brides Nigeria

    While there are several measures and practices to take before having sexual intercourse, and when having sexual intercourse, there are also some practices that must be done after having sex, here are a few of the practices to follow

    1. Urinate: After sexual intercourse, urinating is essential, especially for females. During sex, bacteria can sometimes be introduced into the urethra, which can increase the risk of urinary tract infections (UTIs). By urinating after sex, the flow of urine helps to flush out any potential bacteria, reducing the likelihood of UTIs and promoting urinary health.

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    2. Cleaning: Gently cleaning the genital area with mild soap and water is an important hygiene practice after sex. This helps remove bodily fluids like sweat and bacteria that may have accumulated during intercourse. Avoid using harsh soaps or douches, as they can alter the natural pH balance of the vagina and lead to infections. Keeping the genital area clean contributes to overall personal hygiene and comfort.How To Enjoy Sex During Pregnancy KOKOBRIDES7

    3. Proper Disposal Of Condoms: If condoms were used during intercourse, it’s important to dispose of them properly. It is unsanitary to keep a used condom after it has been used. After use, dispose of it in the trash. Washing hands afterward is essential to minimize the risk of transferring any potential bacteria from the condom.

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    4. Stay Hydrated: Drinking water after sex can help maintain hydration and support overall health. Hydration is essential for proper bodily functions, and after physical activity like sex, staying hydrated can help replenish lost fluids and prevent dehydration.water koko brides 1

    5. Relaxation: After-sex relaxation is not only physical but also emotional. Find time to restore all the lost energy that was discharged during the intimate moment with your partner, failure to do so will shut down the body and give room to ill health.


    It’s Important to note that these practices are general guidelines, and individual needs and preferences may vary. Additionally, while these practices promote hygiene and well-being, they do not guarantee complete protection against STIs or other health concerns.

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