5 Attributes That Can Be Seen In A Great Mother-In-Law

While some have it tough, some others have it easy and that’s because they have the best-inherited families, In this case, our focus will be on the Mothers-In-Law.

There’s a saying for people planning to get married that after marriage both parties inherit each other’s families and they sometimes prepare for it while some just wing it probably because they are already familiar with each other’s family

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Here are some of the attributes that great mothers-in-law possess. If you find anyone you can relate to you’re off to a great start.

1, Respects Boundaries
A good mother-in-law is one who accepts your lifestyle and doesn’t try to change it. She gives you and your husband space to follow through with your lifestyle and choices. She doesn’t get involved in anything she isn’t directly involved in. She won’t interfere in the affairs of you and your spouse even down to family

A great mother-in-law doesn’t use derogatory words, she doesn’t look for ways to amplify flaws instead she tries to cover them and lend a helping hand on how to mend them without criticizing

2, Treats You Fairly
Although you’re not her actual child, she doesn’t treat you poorly, one won’t even be able to tell if she was your real mother because she would give you the same amount of love she gives her child. She should behave like your mother would behave

3, Celebrate with You
Each time there’s something big going on for you, she will be at the front line cheering you on and celebrating with you. She has all your important dates saved in her memory or on her calendar.

4, Not a Competition But a Teammate
She doesn’t show off how well she knows how to be involved in her child or grandchildrens life by always trying to ‘one-up’ you when something is going on. Instead, she always teams up with you to learn, teach and support you. She basically stands with you through all the times.

5, Doesn’t Enforce Her Style
While everyone has different traditions, cultures and etiquette. A good mother-in-law wouldn’t make sure you do only her bidding instead she allows you make your own choiceIf your mother-in-law has all these attributes, you can just sit back, relax and watch you both turn to besties

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