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    5 Simple Ways To Be Besties With Your Mother-in-law

    There is so much fuss about mother-in-laws being bad. Most people paint a picture of them being monsters and it’s basically because of misconceptions and a few less kind ones that everyone now has a terrible idea of ‘what’ a mother-in-law is.mother in law koko brides.jpg4 .jpg111.jpg11.jpg.crdownload1

    To simply put, they are not monsters, some of them are just overprotective mothers; mothers who have to give out their children to another person. But, it gets easier for them if the person they’re giving their child to is someone they like and feel comfortable with.
    If you have your mother-in-law as your best friend, you’re automatically enjoying the start of a beautiful marriage
    Here are easy ways to make your mother-in-law your bestfriend
    Treat her as you’ll treat your mother
    The way you’ll treat your own mother, i.e the same respect you accord to your mother is the same you should accord to her, treat her with kindness and shower love and encomium on her
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    Do Special Things For Her
    Find out what your mother in-law likes that no one really pays attention to and do it for her, cook her a special meal if she has one and if she likes a particular thing that makes her happy. help her acquire it.
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    Get to know her
    How do you love someone you do not know? Find out what she likes. Know her values, celebrate her birthdays for and with her. Keep her updated on things you know gets her attention
    Make sure her child fulfills parental duties
    This is very important. It will make her feel less like her child was taken from her. Make sure financial and emotional needs are fulfilled.mother in law koko brides.jpg1
    Show how much you love her child
    She needs to know that her child is in safe hands, a mother feels more safe knowing that her child is doing better in terms of health, lifestyle and feeding, She will be extremely pleased and proud to have given her child out to you after knowing that. mother in law koko brides.jpg3
    Appreciate Her Efforts
    Call her up one day and appreciate her for how well she raised her child, tell her about how great a mother she is and thank her expressively on how well mannered and mature her child turned out while with her. This is a total heart softener for any mother-in-law.
    mother in law koko brides.jpg4 .jpg111
    Finally, while it’s good to so all these things it’s also advisable not to over do it because overdoing everything has negative consequences. Overdoing these acts of love with you mother in-law might just turn into a case of ‘familiarity breeds contempt’. The key is to maintain a balance.
    mother in law koko brides.jpg111
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