7 Benefits Of Having An Orgasm We All Definitely Need

You are probably having some intimacy but are you really satisfied and reaping the benefits of getting an orgasm?

Besides the pleasure, orgasms have so many health benefits, it’s unbelievable we don’t talk more about it like we should.

The reason why you feel so good when you climax is because your brain releases oxytocin, the love hormone that is behind human social bonding and substances such as neurotransmitters and neuropeptides during sexual stimulation and orgasm that leave you feeling all good.

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When you get an O, life couldn’t feel any better. The aftermath on your mind and body are mind blowing!

Other than feeling connected to your partner, there is so much more you should look forward to the next time you are going down that road.

Here, we look at some benefits of getting an orgasm we probably all need.

It helps regulate your cycle: Studies show that women who get intimate once or twice a week when not on their menstruation helps to regulate their periods.

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And not only will the orgasm help with the pain when you’re cramping but it keeps the health of the vagina in good shape by flushing out any toxins that could be present.

It boosts your immune system: Another reason you should be having bedroom fun at least twice a week is to promote better health.

When you orgasm, your body releases certain chemicals that help balance your immune system, repair tissue and promote bone health.

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Orgasms have also been shown to increase immunoglobin levels by up to 30%.

Natural painkiller: The oxytocin and endorphins your body releases during and after sex leave you feeling happy and can help relieve your body of cramps, headaches and other ailments.

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Another plus is, your pain threshold is higher and this can have a pin blocking effect so you won’t feel as much pain as you used to before.

Helps you sleep better: If you ask me, I would rather have an orgasm than pop a pill so I can fall asleep.

Catching those ZZ’s after sex is usually almost and you want to know why? Endorphins create a sedative effect while prolactin helps you fall asleep faster.

And the reason you also sleep soundly is courtesy of vasopressin and oxytocin. Post sex sleep is probably one of the most restful sleeps you can ever have.

It makes you happier: The reason you feel so good after getting an orgasm is because of the feel-good hormones your body releases.

Research has confirmed that people who have regular sex tend to be much happier.

A study of a group of women who had sex without condoms revealed that the semen from their partner’s orgasm acted as an antidepressant with the potential of uplifting their moods.

You look better: The best way to take years off your face is an orgasm away. Studies have indicated that the reason behind this is due to human growth hormones that are released during intercourse making your skin look more elastic.

It also stimulates collagen production leaving your skin looking more supple with a great complexion. The increase and blood flow to your face gives you a youthful radiance.

Brings you closer: Good and regular sex is one of the best ways to connect with a partner and stay close.

According to a study carried out in Germany, it was determined that men were less likely to cheat if they got good and regular sex.

Due to high doses of the love hormone that is released during sex, coupled men were more inclined to stick to their partners and hold on tight to the bond they already share than single men who were more likely to give attractive women their time and attention.

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