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    Nollywood Actor, Junior Pope Odonwodo And Wife Jennifer Awele Celebrate 9th Wedding Anniversary

    Nollywood Actor, Junior Pope Odonwodo celebrates 9th wedding anniversary with his beautiful wife Jennifer Awele.

    actor jnr pope and wife KOKO Brides Nigeria

    Actor Junior Pope got married to the love of his life on 26th July, 2014.

    In a photo of actor Junior Pope kissing his wife, the actor promised to be with his wife forever.

    actor junior pope wedding anniversary KOKO Brides Nigeria

    He admitted that their journey had not been easy, but they persevered, trusting God to guide them every step of the way.

    “Happy Wedding Anniversary to us. All Glory to God… Together forever…. Not an easy journey but we trudge on trusting God to guide our every step”.

    actor jnr pope wedding anniversary KOKO BRIDES NIGERIA

    Actor Pope Obumneme Odonwodo aka Jnr Pope has flaunted the woman who is behind his success.

    The father of three adorable boys via his Instagram page showed off his lovely wife and hinted that she’s his queen.

    actor jnr pope family KOKO Brides Nigeria

    About Actor Junior Pope

    junior pope odonwodo KOKO Brides Nigeria

    Obuneme Junior Pope Odowondo, also known as Junior Pope (Jnr Pope) and born on May 7, 1984, is a bonafide celebrity in Nigeria’s thriving film business.

    junior pope odonwodo KOKO Brides Nigeria

    He attended the famed University of Nigeria, Nsukka, after finishing his primary and secondary school in Bamenda. He devoted himself to studying accounting in this location, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree. Junior Pope started to develop his acting love at this time, a skill that would revolutionize the Nigerian entertainment sector.

    Junior Pope is technically also from Cameroon, but his true home is in Nigeria, especially the Ukehe tribe in Enugu State. He highly values this aspect of his identity because that is where his family’s lineage is. In the thriving Cameroonian town of Bamenda, he was raised in a unique fusion of the Cameroonian and Nigerian cultures. His mother was a patriotic Cameroonian, while his father, Luke Odonwodo, was a proud Nigerian.

    Three adorable boys named Jason, Jaden, and Jamon Odonwodo have blessed their house with joy and warmth due to their parents’ unwavering love and dedication.

    junior pope and his boys KOKO Brides Nigeria

    In the summer of 2014, Junior Pope achieved a key life milestone when he made a leap of faith and married Jennifer Awele, the love of his life.

    junior popes wedding ceremony KOKO Brides Nigeria

    Junior Pope’s multiracial background has influenced the way he approaches acting. His performances are enhanced by a remarkable fusion of Cameroonian and Nigerian viewpoints, which he brings to his profession. His talent and adaptability are demonstrated by his ability to connect with audiences from all backgrounds.

    Junior Pope Odonwodo’s rise to stardom in the Nigerian film industry resulted from arduous effort and dedication rather than an instant triumph. His path began in 2006 when he followed his dream of becoming an actor by attending many film auditions and accepting minor roles.

    Despite the early rejections, his perseverance paid off when he was cast as the lead in Tchidi Chikere’s film “Secret Adventures” in 2007. His climb to popularity in the Nigerian film industry began at this crucial juncture.

    Since then, Junior Pope has appeared in about 100 films, showcasing his acting range. Films like Bitter Generation, The Cat, The Generals, Wrong Initiation, Nkwocha, Secret Adventures, and Wrong Initiation are a few of his significant works.

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    Junior Pope’s success has relied heavily on “Teamwork, Co-stars” movies. Some of the greatest stars in nollywood have collaborated with him, including Jerry Amilo, Gentle Jack, Ernest Asuzu, Sylvester Madu, and Emma Ehumadu. These partnerships have resulted in fantastic movies and given him invaluable chances to pick the brains of his colleagues and develop as an actor, especially when carrying out his roles.

    Junior Pope KOKO Brides Nigeria

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