#DC2020:Chris&Chris Found The Ultimate Love

Chris Adah and Chris Ville walked into a reality TV show with the hope of finding love and they found forever in each other’s arms. The couple met on a love reality TV show and have gone on from the show to build something lasting and true.

The couple shared the exciting news on Instagram with their thousands of fans. Chris Ville wrote: ‘I want to sail with u forever @chrisadahofficial. I remember what crosed my mind the first day I saw u in Aunty’s Love Pad.. Who can guess right 🙈🥰’. The bride to be shared: ‘Good morning pineapples🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍 So who is ready for #DC2020 ??? Is God not Great???…Always believe HIM. Pay no mind to anything but HIS WILL and SAY about your life….WE LOVE YOU ALL.’

Bride To Be: Chris Adah
Groom To Be: Chris Obaoye