Elderly Couple Climb Mt. Washington On Their 66th Wedding Anniversary. Enjoy The Heartwarming Video

A recent video posted by Good News Movement on Instagram shows elderly couple celebrating their 66th wedding anniversary by climbing Mt. Washington.

Good News Movement captioned the video: “HAPPY ANNIVERSARY: Couple who are 88 & 85 years old climb Mt. Washington on the 66th wedding anniversary. 🙏❤️ Couple goals. 💐👴🏼❤️👵🏼💐”

Netizens have reacted to the viral video. Below are some of the comments:

stompygiraffe: Listen to her important words – “We’re almost there AGAIN. We do it every year.”
happy_tails_dog_ranch: She looks about 58. He looks amazing too. Im sure their exercise regime and happiness levels . Have a lot to do with that . 💯💫🌠🙏❤️
happyme_20: I’m over here trying to reach the top of my stairs to my bedroom after eating 😩 happy anniversary 🎉
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Photo credit: Getty