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    Healthy Hair Growth Tips For Babies And Toddlers

    As a parent, you can’t help feeling that the scanty hair on your child’s head should be fixed before they grow up.

    There are several ways to approach the scanty hair problem of your baby. So, here is the answer to “how to make baby hair grow”:

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    1. Vitamin E

    Studies have shown that along with being great for the skin, Vitamin E helps in good hair growth and is used in numerous hair care products.

    2. Use a Soft Towel

    Rubbing your baby’s hair dry with a rough towel can damage the hair follicles and cause thinning and hair fall. Instead, use a soft towel and lightly rub your baby’s wet hair, to avoid causing any damage to your little one’s skin and hair.

    3. Almonds

    Almonds are a great source of proteins and essential amino acids. Try giving your toddler 2-3 almonds a day to increase the growth of the hair. You can also use almond oil to massage your baby’s head.

    4. Iron

    Iron is another important nutrient that helps improve hair growth, as it avoids breakage of hair strands, leading to thicker and longer hair. Include ingredients that are rich in iron in your child’s diet, like green leafy vegetables, beans, pumpkin, and more.

    5. Grooming

    Just running a comb gently on your child’s scalp can also help improve hair growth. It can improve blood circulation in the scalp, as well. You can also cut the hair to keep it looking neat. However, cutting or shaving the hair doesn’t promise increased growth. Cutting the hair can only help in making it look neater and give it a thick and lush appearance.

    6. Wash Regularly

    It is best to wash your child’s hair with a baby shampoo once in every two to three days to reduce the accumulation of dirt and keep the scalp clean. Always use lukewarm water that is not too hot and not too cold, to keep your child from facing discomfort

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    7. Oil the Hair

    Oiling and massaging helps with blood circulation and provides the necessary moisture for healthy hair growth. You can use pure and organic coconut oil for great results, or any other oil you prefer.

    8. Conditioner

    You can use a conditioner, in case your child’s hair is too curly and bushy. A kid-friendly conditioner can not only help in handling the hair easily, but also provide essential nutrients to the scalp. It also helps in removing flakes. It is a good idea to try some natural conditioners like egg, hibiscus, and yoghurt. They do not contain any harmful chemicals that could harm the baby and work wonders in softening hair.

    9. Aloe Vera

    Everyone knows that Aloe Vera works wonders on the skin, but it can also greatly help with hair growth. You can either apply Aloe Vera juice directly to your child’s scalp or mix it with shampoo or conditioner for best results.

    10. Use Gelatin

    Gelatin can stimulate a baby’s hair growth when applied to the scalp. You can mix one teaspoon of gelatin powder with water and apply it on the baby’s scalp for 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse it out with shampoo after that.

    11. Avoid Hair Ties

    If you tie your little one’s hair in a ponytail often, it can damage their hair. The roots of your baby’s hair are quite weak and might lead to breakage if you secure them in tight hair ties.

    12. Apply Shea Butter

    You can massage your infant’s scalp with shea butter, and it will make their hair healthy and silky soft.

    14. Vitamin C

    Vitamin C is great for hair health and is a great option for your baby as the antioxidants in it can help strengthen the hair follicles and maintain a healthy growth rate.

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