Nani Yelavarthy And Wife Anjana Celebrate 11th Wedding Anniversary

Nani Yelavarthy and his wife Anjana celebrated their 11th wedding anniversary.

Nani took to Instagram to share a touching moment with Anjana as they celebrated their 11th wedding anniversary.

He simply captioned it “11 years”.

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Anjana also sent sweet messages to her husband in her Instagram posts. She posted a series of photos of Nani and herself.

She captioned: “11 years. That’s a whole decade of growing up together. From Orkut testimonials to sliding into each other’s DMs, sending funny dog/baby videos, we’ve come a long way yet adulting feels so far away! All these pictures are very personal to me. They literally remind me of each year and what it felt like to be in those times. Safe to say, nothing has changed. Except we could learn a few tips on how to pose. Since I’m not at all lens friendly, my favourite picture remains the last picture, a fan edited post. Fin. Happiest 11th Naan!”

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