Heartwarming Video Of A Nigerian Mother Teaching Her White Daughter-In-Law The Traditional Baby Wrap Method

In a heartwarming video, a Nigerian mother mother was seen teaching her white daughter-in-law the traditional baby wrap method.

The Nigerian mother-in-law taught her daughter-in-law how to use a wrapper to create a front baby carrier, ensuring the baby is secure and comfortable.

The white lady’s husband shared the video online and captioned it; “My Nigerian mother teaching wifey the traditional baby wrap technique.”

Many viewers have expressed their delight at the outcome as they found the sight of the mother and her daughter-in-law heartwarming.

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Here are some of the comments:

@angelbidwill said: “I really love how our African mama’s care for their babies. It’s so endearing.”

@morganeidson reacted: “I really like how she is genuinely thankful for her MIL’s help and thanks her with a smile and a hug.”

@janeoginni commented: “I need the full tutorial. My kids are half Nigerian but I’ve only seen back carries, not front carries.”

@honor_all_beauty said: “As a child of parents from parents with two different cultures, nothing brings me more heart feels than seeing cultures combine and equally love and learn from each other. I wouldn’t be who I am without that.”

@divapyem said: “This is not Nigerian. We tie our babies at the back not in front. This is some other African culture but not Nigerian. I’m surprised no Nigerians have commented yet.”

@graceokpo reacted: “This is NOT NIGERIAN. We strap our babies to the back here in Nigeria please.”

@standupchic reacted: “Yes please, we need Grandma to give us a full Tutorial on this. I only know how to “back” babies with a wrapper. I’ve actually never seen this method in Nigeria. it’s probably from a tribe’s method I’m not familiar with.”

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