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    10 Questions You Should Ask Your Partner About Their Ex

    Getting into a new relationship can be a roller coaster ride, you find yourself wanting to know everything about your partner. It is understandable that you want to find out everything about their past including their exes.
    10 Questions You Should Ask Your Partner About Their Ex

    It is fair to want to know about your partner’s past, being curious is definitely not a crime. Another thing is figuring out what questions to ask your partner about his/her ex without coming off as jealous is important. You don’t want him/her to feel like you’re grilling them about their life. You might have already gone through social media accounts to find a thing or two but it is preferable to ask what you want to know. Here are questions you can ask your partner about their ex.

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    How many past relationships have you had?
    This is one of the most important questions to ask your partner about their ex/exes. It’s totally justified to know how many relationships your new beau has been in. Are you dating a player? If you are looking to be with him/her in the long run, you need to know if he/she can commit himself/herself to you completely. The frequency and time span of their past relationships will give you a good idea of this.

    How did you meet your ex?
    How a person met their ex can tell you a lot about them and their old relationship. For example, did they meet at a party, at a coffee shop, online, or through some friends? If they met through friends, they could still be a part of a common friend circle. It’s always best to know if this is the case so you can prepare yourself to possibly meet his/her ex at get-togethers with their friends.

    Are you in touch with your ex?

    Can exes really be friends? Yes, they can. This is a question that everyone getting into a new relationship should ask. It is better to find out from your partner immediately than to find out after a long time.
    Why did you break up?
    This is definitely one of the most important questions to ask your boyfriend/girlfriend about their ex. This question will tell you what is a total deal-breaker for your partner and what to watch out for.

    How serious was the relationship?
    The seriousness of a past relationship is of much consequence to the current one, this is an important question since if the relationship was serious, the ex was an important person in your partner’s life. When you’re looking for serious questions to ask your partner, this one should top the list.

    Did you introduce your ex to your parents?

    If they did introduce the ex to their parents, it means that somewhere in their mind they might have had plans to marry them. Even if they did, it might not necessarily mean they are still hung up on their ex if they broke up with them a long time ago. However, if it was a more recent matter, you might want to keep an eye out.

    Are you over your ex?

    We know this might sound a bit insecure, but better safe than sorry, especially if the gap between the two relationships isn’t too long. If he/she is indeed over their ex, he/she will reassure you that he/she is and then you have nothing to worry about.

    How long ago did you break up?

    This question lets you know whether your partner is actually ready for a new, serious, committed relationship. If he/she just got out of a serious relationship only a month ago, they could still be hung up on their ex and you could simply be a rebound. No one likes being a rebound and you do not want to end up in that position.

    Do you still follow each other on social media?

    We can’t deny a fact that social media is a part of our lives, so getting to know if your partner is still in contact with their ex on social media is important. Couples tend to unfollow each other on social media after a breakup. Unless they broke up on very cordial terms. Especially if you feel like you’re a rebound, this could be something to watch out for. However, if your partner is still on good terms with their ex, this might not be that big a deal.

    What is the most fun date you went on with your ex?

    Questions like these will help you know your partner’s likes and dislikes and will give you the opportunity to top the best date they’ve ever had.

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