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    6 Positive Impacts Social Media Has On Children

    Social media, if used wisely, is a good platform to interact, learn, communicate, and have fun however, if misused or excessively used, it may lead to cyberbullying, anxiety, and health problems.negative effect of social media on children KOKO Brides Nigeria1

    So, before allowing your children to access this digital technology, you should be aware of its functionalities, privacy settings, and age limit given that almost everyone utilizes social media, it has an enormous influence on people and communities which is hardly surprising. Amongst all these, they can be of great benefit to children in the following ways

    1. Better Communication: Social media allows children to connect and stay in touch with friends and family, fostering social relationships. It enables everyone to communicate with people worldwide, and this makes it easier to make new friends regardless of distance.

    negative effect of social media on children KOKO Brides Nigeria.3

    2. Educational Resources: Social media platforms can serve as a source of educational content, enabling children to access informative videos, articles, and tutorials. Students can find different free educational websites, mentors, and online seminars, which help them learn new skills to move ahead in their careers.

    Give Children Privacy KOKO Brides Nigeria

    3. Creativity and Expression: Social media has become a medium of self-expression for teenagers and youths. It has provided children with hands-on experience acquiring creativity boosting their knowledge level providing an outlet to share your art, posts, and skills with users across the globe, and you can get their feedback. Not only does it help to boost your skills and creativity, but also it can help you pursue these ideas to earn money.

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    4. Global Awareness: Children can gain awareness of global issues and events by following news outlets and organizations on social media. They help people join causes and raise their voices and awareness on important topics and issues. Many of us have seen global movements such as Black lives matter, Me Too, and Climate Change that has made an enormous impact worldwide, unlike traditional media. It has raised awareness and exposed the whole world to contribute to such sensitive topics.

    5. Support and Community: Social media can create a sense of community and support for children facing challenges or dealing with niche interests. They can offer kindness and empathize by sharing their part of stories on social media. With engagement in different support groups such as anxiety, and depression support groups, ADHD support groups, and many others, people can help each other when they need it most.childrenn in therapy KOKOBRUDES

    6. Entertainment: Besides all the positive effects of social media, you can’t forget the entertainment. Today, people use social media as a source of entertainment. There are entertaining posts that have certainly put smile on children’s face and make them giggle.

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    negative effect of social media on children KOKO Brides Nigeria

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