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    Tell It How You Feel It, Here’s How To Write The Perfect Wedding Vows

    There’s something romantic about wedding vows. It is revealing, intimate, insightful and sweet.

    All these come at a price though, writing the perfect wedding vows is a daunting task. Having to think of the perfect words to use to describe how you feel, the stories you want to or just might not want to share, how to not come out as being too cheesy or unreal and many more.

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    Some people take months trying to come up with the perfect wedding vows but in the end, what they come up with just doesn’t have that perfect ring to it. They are frustrated, at a point they just want to cancel it, maybe it isn’t worth it after all? Wrong! Nothing brings the guests and the couple closer on the wedding day than a perfect wedding vow.

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    Here’s is six foolproof steps to writing the perfect wedding vows

    • Jot down whatever comes to mind: When writing your vows, feel free to jot down whatever information, useful or not that comes to mind. The time he ordered a meal he doesn’t like eating just because you do, that moment you stared into his eyes and time stopped ticking, or so you thought. Anything at all, you’d be surprised at the number of fill-ins you’d need to complete a paragraph
    • Go through pictures or videos: Pictures or videos are good at evoking emotions you might have forgotten. There’s nothing that juggles your memory better than that. Make sure to pen down how you felt after revisiting them. This would also help you with dates or time that you might have forgotten
    • Choose a structure and Tone: How do you want your vows to be? Should it start with a story and then dovetail into your promises, do you just want to go straight to the “I promise tos”. How about a funny vow that captures the fun and hilarious aspect of your relationship, do you want to be excessively serious or have the guests going “aww, that’s so sweet”. Setting your vows tone and structure is important as it guides how you write them.
    • Avoid Clichés and Embarrassing details: Traditional brides would always promise in sickness and health, to love and to cherish and so on. But conventional brides are not going to be having any of that. They want to promise to tussle over the last slice of pizza, to rock his Tee shirt while he’s sleeping, to allow him watch his football match even though their favourite Telemundo show is on and many more. Be creative with your vows and try as much as possible to avoid details that would put your husband to be in a bad light.
    • Ensure your vows is not more than a minute or two: Long vows are boring with little or no person paying attention to the promises being made. It might be difficult to do, as you may feel you would be leaving important details out, however for the sake of your time and that of the guests, ensure your vows are shortened to a minute or two. The concise the better.
    • Practice: When you are finally done with all these, read your vows out loud to ensure that there are no mistakes and you are satisfied with what you have. This would also help you not to stutter on the D-day as they must have been to some extent committed to memory.
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