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    8 Virtual Date Ideas To Make Long Distance Relationship Fun

    When people say “Distance makes the heart grow fonder” it only applies to those that make the distance work and luckily we live in a world that is a mix of virtual and physical realities.

    Long-distance relationships are not easy by any means, and one of the things that kill a long-distance relationship is pretending that it is. Once you know that it is hard, you tend to find ways to make it work by going on dates and since the distance is a barrier, here are few virtual date ideas to keep your relationship alive.

    1. Virtual Movie Night: Choose a movie that both of you would enjoy and agree on a specific time to start watching it. There are platforms that allow synchronize viewing or you can also do a video call and talk about it while you watch it through the other person’s phone.

    2. Play Online Games: There are plenty of online games you can play together, from multiplayer games to classic board games available in digital formats. There are a whole lot of popular games that can add fun and excitement to your long-distance relationship. Just because you’re not in the same room doesn’t mean you can’t try to beat each other at a game. 3. Virtual Dinner Date: Coordinate a time when both of you can have dinner together. Cook your favorite meal and set up a video call, and enjoy each other’s company over a virtual dinner date. It’s a wonderful way to feel connected and share a meal like you would in person. To make it fun you can set up your camera in the kitchen while you cook and discuss about the meal.

    4. Virtual Workouts: Stay healthy and active together by participating in virtual fitness classes or doing a video call when you both get to the gym, you can also jog together and take long necessary walks .While this strengthens your relationship, it strengthens your body therefore, keeps the heart and body fit.

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    6. Private Book Club: Choose a book that interests both of you and set a reading schedule. It could be a chapter a day or a few chapters per week. Another way is to read out few chapters of your partners favorite book to them while on a call, it could either be audio or virtual, as long as it works.
    7. Plan Future Visits: Discuss your future visits in detail. Plan what you would like to do, where you would like to go, and the activities you’d enjoy together. It helps build excitement and gives you both something to look forward to.

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    8. Work Date: Not all dates need to be date nights. Intimacy also comes from sharing everyday experiences. For example, you could spend a day working together for a few hours, especially if you do not have any meetings planned.

    9. Learn a language Together: If you both have plans to visit a particular country, or you just want to learn to add to vocabulary, you both can decide to learn a language, and take tests by speaking the language together. Whenever you get together for an audio or video call. It even makes the learning more fun. And to add some friendly competition to the mix, you can keep score of who learns the most words in the language, or better yet who sounds the sexiest speaking it.

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    Remember, the key to making long-distance relationships work is communication, effort, and finding creative ways to stay connected despite the physical distance.

    Each of these date ideas can strengthen your emotional connection and create special moments that will bring you closer together.

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