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    Why Men Are Always Playing Catch Up To Women’s Mind Games

    Somewhere in this country, two men claim to have struck a truce to make lemonade out of a potentially explosive scenario when they discovered they were drinking from the same pot.

    The woman had managed to string the two men along until the fateful day when the two met in her house. One man had been paying rent for the house while the other claimed he had actually built the house for his lover.

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    Ordinarily, knowing men, this could easily have ended up in a blood bath with the men fighting and maiming each other. But, in a new twist of things, they both stepped aside to discuss the matter cordially and birthed a new friendship that has led to a thriving business partnership.

    The man that owned the house kicked out the crafty tenant who was their lover and since his compatriot had submitted rent in advance for a period of six months he needed to be fair to the brother. The aggrieved men agreed to convert the premises to an Airbnb facility to help the latter recover his bit of investment too.

    While at it a rare business chemistry is said to have been born and the business has been expanding massively in the past two years. Could it be that like bacteria changing shapes and coats to dodge new versions of drugs, today’s man is learning a different coping mechanism to deal with the shrewd women?

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    Talk of evolutionary wisdom – they say necessity is the mother of invention. I think a warning salvo has been shot and we must start thinking out of the box if we are to contain this level of wit

    To our detriment, maybe men have learnt a thing about just how outsmarted they have been over the generations.

    Even when they have been served the same meal from the same plate in the same bed, they have never been able to deal with the woman accordingly to hold her accountable. Instead, men have opted for the easier way out, to aim the dagger at their own and in most cases kill themselves.

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    But some things do not seem to go away. Some trends just like the solar system can only be enriched by new discoveries in space exploration but their original shapes remain the same. Laughably, men in their bid to remedy the influence of women in their lives and decisions take so many steps going forward only to fall back to the same pattern.

    It is hard to believe that many men will be able to tame their ego and the thrill of their territorial dominance to start businesses together after unearthing such a rivalry. There can only be one or two outlier cases but men will always fall into the patterns of their fathers and continue worshipping the charm of women.

    Men, for example, have been consistently educated over the years on their parental role and obligation to their children. They, theoretically appear to fathom their role in bringing up their children and are able to put up very enlightened arguments to fortify that fact they have finally understood their place in their children’s lives.

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    That however remains largely theoretical because there is so much evidence to indicate that men only care for children whose mothers they love. So, like our fathers who easily abandoned the children of the first wife when they married a hotter second one, men still tend to abandon their children to date when they separate from their spouses. To a large extent, they are willing to adopt children that belong to the new woman and shower them with great fatherhood skills for as long as that is the woman who offers them carnal knowledge.

    In a nutshell, there is no amount of assumed enlightenment that can transform the true nature of a man. Perhaps in a thousand years from now, they will learn that they are actually not at war with each other as far as mate selection is concerned.

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