Discussing Family Planning And Birth Control With Your Partner

Planned pregnancies spaced two or more years apart result in healthier babies. It is important that you discuss with your partner when you want to have children and how you would like to space them. You should also talk to your partner about how to reduce unwanted pregnancy by deciding what birth control to go on. You should decide this as a couple.

Below is ways to discuss family planning and birth control with your partner.

Talk about Daily Challenges: You should speak about your lives now as a couple. Is there a fair division of responsibility when it comes to chores, child care, emotional labour.

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Avoid outside pressure: Make sure the decision about having more children is personal, choice as a couple. Whether it’s feeling like the only person who isn’t pregnant.

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Explain why you want or need birth control: Be clear about why birth control and this conversation is important to you. If your partner truly values you then they will prioritise the things that matter to you, keep you healthy, and live your life.

Talk different birth control: Talk about different birth control that you believe will work for you as a couple. You can find the pros and cons on all birth control online. You can both decide together.

Tell your partner how they can be helpful: Tell you partner all about the details of birth control and side effect so that they can watch out for you.

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