From Tinder To Forever!!! Martin & Tino’s Garden Themed Proposal + Love Story

Over the years dating apps have become a great place to find love and many are taking the bull by the horn, seizing the opportunity, and taking the bold step of finding the one there. Social media love stories excite us and Martin and Tino’s story is one that gives us all the feels.

From Tinder To Forever!!! Martin & Tino's Garden Themed Proposal + Love StoryThe bride-to-be took to social media to share their story of how they met on Tinder in December 2019 had their first conversation in January 2020 which led them to this beautiful day. Read the beautiful story of the couple and their proposal photos.
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“So sometime in late December 2019 I met Tshadla on Tinder, Had our first conversation in January 2020. We planned to go on a date on the 21st of January but on the day we both got occupied and cancelled the date. Fast forward the next weekend we planned to go on another date but me being shy I went with my 3 friends lol, We chilled had fun from there we decided to take it slow and get to know each other.

We started going on dates and all but when we were about to start the whole relationship process lockdown was announced and a man had to go to Harare to be with his family.Fast forward to May 2020 he asked me to be his girlfriend I said YES !!!and it’s been the best decision I ever made😌”

Photo Credit: @digital_genius_pro_studio