Wednesday, July 17, 2024

    Good Things Happen To Those Who wait! Lisa Says Yes At 54


    Sometimes, delay isn’t denial. What should drive you is what you want and your determination to pursue it and see to its realization.

    Overwhelmed with joy and happiness, Lisa took to her Instagram page to share her proposal episodes. Lisa Nichols is a renowned author, transformational speaker/coach and a personal development enthusiast. The single mother is a positivist and a motivator who has helped millions through their life’s journey.


    After the long wait as a single parent who earnestly pursues her career, Lisa met Marcellus who is just like a soulmate to her. She would always pour her heart to him and it is awesome to see that Marcellus is a good listener. Little did she know he would end up being more than a soulmate to her.

    In her own words, Lisa said;

    I’m 54 and I’ve never been married. I’ve previously opted out because it didn’t feel right. I’ve picked wrong and had to mend my heart. I’ve had to release the anger, forgive myself, and learn to trust Lisa’s picker and intuition again. It’s been a looong journey of knowing that I’m in the right place, focusing on the right things, even when I’m doing it all alone…. year after year. I’ve had lonely days and lonelier nights but I refused to settle for momentary satisfaction and the management of the optics of my life or the filtered image of what others may want to see. My journey has not been easy at times but it has been worth it. I unapologetically own my seasons of parenting, being single, healing, developing, growing, and now love. After 10 years of Marcellus being my friend, listening to me as I made my way through single parenting (and CEOing), his steady friendship helped me navigate through broken hearts and challenging business moments. He was my cheerleader from the sidelines each time I chose myself when a relationship didn’t feel right or I doubted the next big move in my career. He has always been my good friend with no strings attached and no agenda. Little did I know back then, that I was sharing my heart, my healing and my aspirations, with my soulmate. He was just a sweet “earth angel” that God blessed me with as a friend. Now don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t blind to how FINE he was (I’m jus sayin 🤷🏾‍♀️), but our friendship was paramount. This week I excitedly stepped into my next season ……
    I said yes YES!! 💍


    Source: Instagram

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