Buried In The Stress Of Wedding Planning? These tips Will Help!

Getting married is a naturally stressful event. You want your expectations matching up with your reality, leaving no stone unturned and no room for regrets.

Every couple already have a picture of what their big day is going to look like but achieving such is no joke. It is not a case of “is it achievable or not?”, of course it is achievable but different factors contribute to that. Are you going to end up having what you pictured in mind or your big day will happen with a little twist and turn here and there to make it better or a little below expectation?

Whichever way, you need to ensure that your wedding planning process do not overwhelm you. Remember you want to look your best on your big day with no additional outfit fittings done due to weight loss from planning your wedding. Also, you want to look absolutely stunning on that day and not fall ill thereafter. Although there is the honeymoon that will help you ease off afterwards, you should look your best regardless.

It is essential to note that delegating is the best when it comes to wedding planning. You cannot do all on your own. Even though you are an event planner, reaching out for help will save you a lot.

However, as couples planning their wedding, you want to put these tips in mind;

1. know that it is a big commitment: The road to happily ever after requires a great deal of commitment from both parties and then planning it will sure stress you out but you don’t need to be worked up over that. All you need do is get ready for it, prepare your mind, set time for wedding plans and keep at it. Considering you have other stuff up your sleeve; work, business, perhaps academics, you need to be strategic when it comes to time management and balance, if not, one aspect of your life will suffer and not level up with the rest. Assign a day or two, plus time and a detailed to-do list for wedding planning and stick to it. This will make planning a lot easier and less overwhelming.

2. Create a detailed budget: The financial aspect of planning a wedding adds another non-negligible layer of stress on you and trust me, you do not want to spend all your life savings and investments on a wedding. So it is advisable you draw a detailed budget and then stick to it. Be realistic about what has to be done, what you can afford and be upfront about it to vendors. They will respect your limit. You want to go all out in order to achieve your desired day, that is fine but going financially all out to achieve that or prove a point is not advisable.

3. Prioritize your essentials: Different things are needed for your big day. Starting from outfits, probs, decors, technical facilities, photography, music, vendors and what have you. You don’t need everything you’ve ever seen in someone else’s wedding on your big day. Prioritize your essentials, go for alternatives, make do with what you have and can afford.

4. Navigate the wishes of many people: Usually, couples always think their big day is about them alone but in the real sense, it is more than just the two of them in the picture. There is family, culture, tradition, religion and friends that have set their own expectations on how the couple’s big day would be. This bring about clash of interest and expectations and if not properly managed, could be a major mishap for the couples on their big day. Couples should try to incorporate some wishes but still stand their ground on what they want and properly communicate their plans to their folks for better understanding.

5. Be prepared for the worse: Being optimistic is good but considering the “what if’s” of a thing doesn’t make you less positive in your dealings. Oh yes, everything is in place, everything is set but somethings can’t be helped, especially technical fallouts and climate change. More reason why it is advisable for couples to have plan B foe certain things. Try not to worry about your big day, everything will turn out well since you planned and prepared well enough but should in case somethings that are supposed to turn out well didn’t, just take your eyes off them, take deep breathes, look at other things that ent well, be happy and enjoy the moment. Don’t let anything get in the way of your joy that day, that is the most important.

6. Make time for self care: Planning a wedding might be daunting. More reason why you need some time for self care. Eat healthy, go the the spa, be faithful to your skin care routines, go for your manicure and pedicure fix, take enough rest and sleep well. Nothing beats looking all radiant on your big day after surviving weeks of planning your own wedding.