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    8 Healthy Benefits Of Eating Together As A Family

    Busy schedules can easily lead to individual meal times for families, but eating together has real benefits that are worth the effort.

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    1. Eating together encourages family togetherness.

    Family Meals KOKO Brides Nigeria

    Positive family mealtimes help family members maintain relationships and feel a sense of belonging.

    When children can count on regular time with their parents, they feel loved, safe and secure. Children set roots for a lifetime as they experience their family’s values and traditions.

    2. Eating together fosters happy, well-adjusted kids.

    family meal time KOKO Brides Nigeria

    Children can feel accepted by their family and may not need to seek approval from the wrong crowd. Adolescents are less likely to be depressed and generally have better self-esteem.

    3. Eating together helps children do better in school.

    family eating together KOKO Brides Nigeria

    Listening to grownups at the table exposes children to new words, which helps them read better. Table talk gives youth a safe place to express their ideas. They gain confidence to speak up in class. Parents are more likely to know about deadlines for homework, upcoming test days and ways they can be involved in their children’s lives.

    4. Eating together provides better nutrition

    benefits of eating together as a family KOKO Brides Nigeria

    Family meals provide nutrients that kids need to grow strong and healthy, such as calcium, fiber and iron.

    Foods at home are more likely to include nutrient-rich foods. They are less likely to have too much fat and sugar. Cooking together teaches children and teens how to plan meals and prepare food and how to clean up.

    5. Eating together helps prevent weight problems

    benefits to eating as a family KOKO Brides Nigeria

    Children and teens are less likely to be overweight since they learn to eat healthful meals. Teens make better food choices than when they are eating away from home. They are also less likely to have eating disorders like anorexia or bulimia.

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    6. Eating together saves time and money

    family dinner KOKO Brides Nigeria

    By cooking extra food for another meal, leftovers can save time and money. Eating a home-cooked meal can be faster than driving to a restaurant, ordering, eating and driving home.

    7. Eating together is enjoyable!

    family potluck

    Children like eating with their families! Parents or other family members savour the good times with their children at the table. Laughter at the table makes mealtime fun!

    8. Eating together as a family provides time for conversation and each other’s company and love.

    dad koko brides.jpg2

    Simply being together as a family and chatting about the day can be enough to help you stay connected. By encouraging pleasant and friendly conversation, everyone gets a chance to talk and listen to each other.

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    NOTE: During meals, refrain from using phones, and only use them in an emergency. Focus on each other and your conversation.

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