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    10 Tips To Deal With Death Of A Child

    The agony of losing a child of any age is devastating. There is no age or point in time that makes it any easier. No parent expects to face the death of their child.

    Loosing a child makes no sense for life to end at such a young age, especially when the death is sudden and without warning.

    Below is 10 tips to deal with death of child.

    Accept some loneliness: Loneliness is completely normal, but it is important not to get too lonely. Reach out to people and support groups who are comfortable with grief and can help.

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    Choose good company: Look for friends who know how grief feels and who can let you be with you when you just need company and who won’t place any further burdens or expectations on you.

    Stick Together: Stick together as a family and lean on each other for help. While everyone in the family will need to have their private time, you also can find comfort in each other.

    Be gentle with yourself: Try not to judge yourself for not keep it together.  It will get easier over time to feel like your normal self.

    Get extra rest: Physical and emotional exhaustion is common. You will need more rest than usual. Set a good sleep routine.

    Accept Help: Be open and willing to accept help from extended family members, friends, or neighbours.

    Find a Support Group: Many parents find that it helps to join a support group, either as a family or alone. While it doesn’t take the place of seeing a dedicated professional, groups can add another layer of support.

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    Seeing a Professional: See someone who is a professional and can help. Getting help to see you through the initial shock of your loss is very important, it is also important to continue seeking help. You will need support.

    Avoid Negative People: There are plenty of people out there that just do not know how to respond with compassion and empathy to what you and your family are experiencing. So avoid if someone is being negative to you and your grieving.

    Stay a Family: Be a family, and remember that your lost child is still a part of it. Everyone in your family will carry the lost child in their hearts for the rest of their lives. Create a family tradition that will help you remember the good memories you had together.


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