What To Do When You Find Yourself In The Talking Stage

The talking stage is the in-between spot after the initial introductions, but before defining a relationship, It can be confusing and feel like it’s going on forever, It can also be really enjoyable. 

While this stage differs for everyone in terms of your views of dating and your connection with whoever it is you’re talking to. It all comes back to a similar conclusion where you either start a relationship or you don’t. 

What is The Talking Stage About? 

This is the stage where you learn the  basics about each other that are really important. The talking stage mostly happens or starts from chatting, or calling. It’s the perfect time to talk about anything and everything, like favorite TV shows, sports, or even your  job.

You know that feeling when you like someone enough to want to know about them but not enough to date them. This is where all those are sorted out

Find Out Deal Breakers 
This is usually the time you also get to know each other’s deal breakers. You likely won’t see each other’s flaws, but you’ll share things that are important in your life. Know what you can ignore and what you can’t because a person doesn’t just change their behavior because they change  their relationship status.

Find Out About Their Hobbies /Interests
You get to find out what excites them and how well they enjoy doing something. You also find out where they stand on certain controversial topics. You can also find out the other person’s personality traits and temperament

Set Realistic Expectations
You can also use the talking stage as a time to set expectations. Simple things like calls or texts in a timely manner are to be expected when you are in a relationship. This is an avenue to get used to them if you haven’t and if you have it’s time to know if it’s something your partner will like. But, if you set your expectations too high during the talking stage, you might be disappointed.
It’s important to state that you should set important and not unrealistic or unreasonable expectations

Figure Out If You’re Still Stuck 
Sometimes, people stay in the talking stage for long because they’re probably nursing a broken heart or trying to move on from a relationship. This is the time when you figure it out. You won’t be sharing your feelings necessarily, but you’ll get to know if you have feelings. It’s the stage when you find out if you’re both interested enough to start dating.

This thing called talking stage can be confused with dating, but it is the period before people start dating properly. It is when you are taking a step away from strangers or acquaintances, but may not necessarily be hurtling toward romance either. It is the space  between ‘I’m single and searching’ and ‘I’m single but not searching’ Trending video of the day;
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