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    6 Top Secrets Your Girlfriend Is Keeping From You

    A secret ceases to be one when it’s told to other people. There are things that people do not tell others, no matter how close they are to them?

    Women have their good measure of secrets that they do not tell their partners at whatever cost. Most of these secrets, if told, would probably change the way things are in the relationship. Some of them are;

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    Body count: As much as accept each other’s flaws, your woman won’t tell you the correct number of persons she has gotten intimate with. Research shows that they are likely to halve the number. This is so that you don’t term their past as loose and also because they don’t count every kiss they had in a relationship.

    Comparison to exes: Your girl has told you time after time how she hates her ex and has gotten over him. What she doesn’t tell you is that she spends time comparing you with him, right from your performance in bed and how you handle issues. Although she is not going back to him, you will always have to go beyond his achievements.

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    Fake orgasms:
    Girls know how bad men want to know if did well in bed. It is therefore usual for a girl to lie to you that you took her to great heights even when you didn’t. To her, she may get vocal to fake an orgasm which she knows will, in turn, boost your ego. It doesn’t matter how many times you ask, your girl may never tell if you did or didn’t make it.Sex

    Sexual fantasies: You have told her how much you loved a certain Hollywood character in your teens. She laughs about it and brushes it off as a teenage thing and both of you forget about it. What you don’t know is that she has her fantasy, whom she sometimes brings to bed when you two are getting into it. She will never tell you who her amazing man for fear of being judged.

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    She visits your porn stash:
    As much as society frowns upon watching porn, it is quick to admit that every guy has had a collection at some point. Some guys keep their stash even when they are in a relationship. If you are this kind of guy, you could just be doing your girl some good. She may be sneaking behind your back to watch some of it. Although she will never admit to doing it, she definitely enjoys a bit of it while you are away.

    Best friends: There are things between you and your girl that are so tight you wouldn’t even tell your boys. On the other hand, for your girl and her best friend, every relationship detail needs to be tabled, discussed and analysed. Her best friend knows so much about you, and even more than you may know. Ask your girl if she talks bedroom stuff to others; she will look into your eye and deny.

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    Every relationship is tailored differently since everyone has their own taste. One thing remains constant though, your girl won’t admit these things.

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