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    21-Year-Old Bride-To-Be Alessia Neboso Dies Days After Undergoing Breast Implant Surgery To Show Off Her Cleavage In A Low-Cut Wedding Dress

    A 21-year-old-bride-to-be Alessia Neboso died after undergoing breast implant surgery. She had the surgery done so that she could show off her cleavage in a low-cut wedding dress.

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    Beautician Alessia Neboso, 21, from Italy, was planning to marry her longtime lover Mario Lucchesi. But just days after the breast implant surgery, Alessia started to feel unwell.

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    She was reported to have developed a high fever, fatigue, a cough, weakness, and gastrointestinal issues.


    After her condition deteriorated, her family took her to the emergency room of the Villa dei Fiori Clinic in Acerra near Naples, Italy. By the time she was admitted on 20 September, her condition was critical.

    Dr Feliciano Ciccarelli told local media: “The colleagues on duty immediately understood that the situation was very serious.

    “Her functional indicators were all altered; the kidneys were already failing, her white blood cell count was at 17,000, and she was starting to have difficulty breathing.”

    The normal range for a white blood cell (WBC) count is typically between 4,000 and 11,000 per microlitre.

    Dr Ciccarelli continued: “We subjected her to all possible tests. We wanted to understand where the sepsis was localised.

    “We did an ultrasound and a CT scan of the abdomen, another CT scan of the chest, from which we understood that the problem was coming from the lungs.”

    Alessia was stabilised and taken to the ICU.

    Despite medics’ attempts to keep her well, she died from a cardiac arrest a few hours later.

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