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    How To Get A Flat Tummy In Weeks Without Drugs, Work Outs And Liposuction

    Getting a flat tummy has been an admirable goal for many however not everyone takes the right steps to achieve it.

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    Besides the usual motivational and time reasons to finally get up and do something about it, a lot of time the reason being is that most people take the wrong steps towards chasing a flat time.

    We break down the simple dynamics of how to achieve a flat tummy and elaborate on the difference between getting a flat tummy and losing weight, which will clarify your objectives and allow you to execute the efficient step necessary to reach your goals.

    It doesn’t matter what body positive advice anyone give you, having a flat tummy will always make you proud of yourself.

    healthy koko brides.jpg 11Difference Between Losing Weight & Getting A Flat Tummy

    Simply put losing weight is losing your body fat, getting a flat tummy is to reduce the size (circumference) of your stomach. These are absolutely two different goals. There are many ways to lose weight, our preferred method is to get up every day or every other day and walk and/or run.

    Having a flat tummy is not all so interlinked with losing weight, although it is to a little extent. There are many people out there with excessive body weight with much slimmer bellies. Just as much as there are many people out there who might not be excessively fat but they do surely have a gut.

    So let’s look at what causes this difference and how to efficiently chase a flat tummy.

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    Why You Have A Large Tummy

    The reason why you have a large tummy is fairly simple. This is caused by the amount of food you eat at once. Other contributing factors can be your digestive process and how quickly your body disposes of food in your tummy. No matter what anyone advises you about getting a flat tummy, you will have to starve yourself, but in order to do so, you will have to really understand what it means to starve yourself, the right type of starving needed to do so, and how to execute it without extremely harming yourself.

    Types Of Hunger

    I always advise people when it comes to losing weight in general to understand 3 types of hunger that control our desire for food.Fitness Exercise KOKO Brides Nigeria 11

    1. Body Clock Hunger

    Based on our regular routines in life, we are programmed to know there is a particular time we will eat in the day. We know before work Mum will have food on the table and when we walk downstairs we eat it up and continue. Or after school, there will be food on the table. Or when it’s lunchtime, that is the moment we dip our food into the sandwich we’ve been fantasizing about all day.

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    This is not real hunger, this is psychological programming that has fine-tuned every fiber in your body to expect food at this time. In fact in life, when you are mildly distracted from this moment due to other urgent obligations, you won’t even know you missed your meal at this time of the day.

    2. Belly Hunger

    Your stomach is sort of like a balloon, that get’s comfortable at a certain size or certain amount of air within it. When that amount reduces, it gets uncomfortable. Our minds is programmed to acknowledge this feeling as pain, but it is simply just your belly adjusting and contracting to its new size.Fitness Exercise KOKO Brides Nigeria 2
    This feeling is usually the feeling most affluent, or folks living well associate with hunger, but as before, this too is not real hunger, just the re-adjustment of your body.

    3. Weakness Hunger

    This is when you start to feel weak. You feel it in your ability to walk and participate in anything to do that requires energy. Is not so often one gets to this stage but every once in a while we do. And then after a meal, we are ready to take on the whole world.
    Of the three, this is the only real hunger. This is your body alerting you that it finds it hard to operate until it has been restocked with the right amount of food and fuel, and the only hunger that should ever be feared in any case of losing weight.Fitness Exercise KOKO Brides Nigeria 10

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    So now that we have broken down the 3 types of hunger, we are going to play around with Belly Hunger to guide you on how to obtain your flat tummy.

    Understand Your Tommy

    Once again, your stomach is like a balloon (we will use another reference later) and the reduction/contraction of the size when it’s empty is what we have usually associated with hunger because it is usually associated with the moments when real hunger occurs.

    Your tummy has been expanded to that size, simply because you are used to eating a large amount of food at once. Just as you would expect if you blow a large amount of air into a balloon. And every time you defecate, you are quick to refill the balloon with more air, giving it absolutely no time to contract. 

    Fitness Exercise KOKO Brides Nigeria 6Avoid Eating Until Your Are Full

    Notice you are able to eat the same amount of food in a day, just not all out at once. Just not to the point you are ‘full’. The word full derives from us being aware our stomach has been stretched. It is very common for us to use being ‘full’ as a red light to stop continuing our meals. 

    This should never be the case, one should never eat until they are full. Eating until you are full is every reason you have a large tummy. One should simply eat until they are satisfied. Do not use the feeling of being full, which is a psychological program, as a means to justify your satisfaction during or after a meal.

    Fitness Exercise KOKO Brides Nigeria 3
    Let’s Get To Work

    Using this method will easily allow you to maintain a slim stomach. However, maintaining a slim stomach is not the topic of today, the topic of today is how to get rid of a large belly. So here is what we do.

    Starving yourself ‘as far as Belly Hunger’ goes is like exercise. It can hurt the first time, but you will get used to it. And like exercise you can push it to where it hurts more depending on your strength and determination. Once again, be aware the belly contraction feeling is not real hunger but simply your belly contracting. This is not an easy feeling to challenge but here are some tips that will work you through it.

    weight loss koko brides.jpg7
    – Break Your Body Clock

    Due to the regularities of our lives, it is not easy for one to do this. Many men know if they miss breakfast in the morning at home, it might be very inconvenient to get something to eat at work when hunger strikes. But again, nothing is easy. If at that particular moment, you are not starving do not eat. It might be easier to tell your wife or your mum to know to have anything prepared for you. Do the same with every schedule you expect to eat, find alternative distractions, and only eat when you are hungry. Breaking your body clock hunger doesn’t necessarily reduce your belly size, but it prevents you from unnecessarily expanding it and prepares you for our tips below to come.

    Fitness Exercise KOKO Brides Nigeria 4– 2 Hours After

    When you get belly hungry and you get a sense that you want to eat, don’t do so straight away, Look at your watch and give yourself 1 to 2 hours after that feeling. Preferably 2 hours if you really want to make a difference. Find something to distract yourself. A movie? A computer game? Going for a walk (highly recommended) or getting on the phone and gossiping. Whatever rocks your boat. But make sure it is 2 hours from the moment you felt belly hunger, not the moment you just wanted something sweet.

    – Sleep

    Sleep is a very good way to avoid contraction pain. Just like when we are burdened with colds and coughs, notice how when we sleep our body pauses this to some extent until we are awake again. When one is burdened with stomach pain, if one is able to fall asleep during that period, one can guarantee one will wake up with a flatter tummy, and most of all, one will feel it. 10 Tips To Help Families With Healthy Lifestyle KOKOBRIDES6

    – Enhance Your Digestive System

    You want to make sure unwanted foods in your belly are disposed of as soon as. View your body as a market/factory, raw materials come in a junk pile and various parts of your body come in to take the goods items out. And when all is done you dump it in your toilet bowl. Imagine at times this junk pile comes in a very tight bundle with lots of good, but as it can’t be cracked open it sits there for a while and the market folks are just busy pealing the goods off the exterior. That’s why you need good acid in your body to break it down into pieces so the process is quicker. This is where fruit juice and other such foods come in. Specifically orange, pineapple, or ginger. So you keep the digestive system flowing at its best.
    cardio koko brides

    – Eat What You Like

    This might be difficult to explain but bear with us. A lot of times we eat a lot because we are not eating what we like. Let’s say one day you wake up in the morning for something with sugar like chocolate. But you walk to your fridge and see some tasty salmon, some tasty jollof rice, and some ripe pineapple slices. For lack of preference, you will consume any of these to make up for the desire. 

    However, the craving for chocolate might call you to the fridge again. You will continue to believe you are hungry over and over again, but the truth is you just aren’t eating what you crave. healthy koko brides.jpg 2

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    Usually, these cravings come from a particular ingredient that is desired by some physical function within us. In fact, this is a tiny sample of where malnutrition comes from. And what is one factor we all know about malnutrition in children? They usually have big bellies because their lives are consumed with eating foods their body doesn’t desire and it sits in the gut. Therefore within reason, whilst following the steps above, it is always best to ensure you are eating what you desire and not just what is available so you can get it over with and satisfy your desire in minuscule amounts.

    Fitness Exercise KOKO Brides Nigeria 7

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