#RK2020: Indeed, Love Is Patient And Rama And Kwame Are Its Pure Definition- Love Story/Photoshoot


The beautiful thing about love is that it may take a while but when it does happen, it does so in all its glory. Kwame and Rama have our hearts doing a little “jigida dance” because such a passionate love story could only have been written in the heavens. The butterflies in our stomach multiplied after reading their love story. Here, read for yourself the #RK2020 love story.

Kwame For #RK2020 Love Story: Rama was a fresher in her first year at the University of Ghana, Legon. I was a second-year student and we both happened to be residents of Ghana Hostels, popularly known as Pentagon. Fortunately, Rama and I had a few mutual friends, those I knew from JHS and had come to know in his first year at Legon; while most were Rama’s seniors from AIS. I set sight on her in a friend’s room and expressed interest in this young beautiful fresher.
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To the blind side of Rama, they set us up to have a convo in Rolex’s room ( a mutual friend).


After, a long ‘non-fa’ conversation, I asked Rama whether she believed in love at first sight. The young lady was astonished, “why will you ask me such a question, she queried? “. That question ended the conversation and we both our separate ways. Fast forward to 2019, a banker will ask a lawyer to come and open an account and the end story was RK2020; love happening at first sight.

Photographer: focusnblur